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[News] Rise of Berk - Dreadfall Delights Seasonal Event (Nov 1, 2021)

Greetings Vikings!

The Dreadfall Omen seasonal event will be ending sooner than expected. The event will now be ending tomorrow November 2, 2021.

Due to this change, you will find a nice sum of Dreadfall Delights in your in-game mailbox!

Make sure to trade them in the Berk Market quickly before the Seasonal Event ends.

Thank you for your continued support, Vikings!


100 Dreadfall treats compared to the prices of the decorations and the cost of quality dragons, isn’t a fair trade off.
When most of us players were saving our treats for the expensive new decorations as well as hopefully at least one of the dragons in this selection.
Especially since yesterday when I logged in to check my treats it said there were 5 days and how many hours more left on this event. And now when I log in today it’s suddenly ending tomorrow. Why not let us have the extra time to actually get the things this season exist for, or make the points more accessible and more of them, because this Dreadfall season was too short to be worth it.


Nooo. I was going to make it to the ghostglow dragon but now I won’t. I appreciate the gift but could you consider adding a small pack to Odin’s market or Berk Market or how about a discount across the items, or increasing the amounts we can get gobbler duties for one day. Anything?
Thanks for the gift.


Because Halloween is over


You have specifically designed this so that it’s not possible to get the most expensive dragon without paying for it. And compared to the price of the market items this reward is fairly useless. I hate pay to win scenarios :expressionless:


I hate that they made this change i lost my progress i was saving up to get stonewall dragon for one and was saving for another I only had a few more to go but i had to wait till the daily tasks reset to get what I needed to complete. I think i had like a lil over 200 to go. But then i couldn’t log in right after it reset by the time it let me log in it was too late everything was lost. I was so pissed i could have gotten it with out problem with the original end date. But with the sudden change it screwed me over n what they have as compensation was a joke for loosing 5 days in those 5 days we could have had from 100-300 per day. We lost out on 500 to 1500 to get our dragons or decorations! Really sucks! I couldn’t even send a message to let them know the problem but doubt it would help, i had an issue similar that i had to wait till the event was almost over to get what i needed but couldn’t log in. I was told i was my fault i needed to complete asap n not wait till the last minute. Sorry we can’t help u. Bad customer service if u ask me!

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