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[NEWS] Rise of Berk | End of Support for iOS 10.3 and Below (October 19th, 2020)

Greetings Vikings,

As Dreamworks Dragons: Rise of Berk continues to develop and strives to create optimal gaming experiences we sadly also have to announce the impending discontinuation of support for the game on iOS devices running lower than iOS 11. This change will take place in Early December.

We strongly encourage everyone who is currently on a device with iOS 10.3 or below to either update their operating system to a minimum of iOS 11 or log into their game on a supported device to resume their progress.

Please note that accounts linked to Facebook or Sign In with Apple can be transferred by simply logging in on a supported device. Guest players can also contact our support staff at with their Support Key to transfer their account to a supported device. We advise not sending multiple emails as it will prolong the time it takes to receive a reply from our team.

Our support team will do everything they can to assist players affected by these changes accordingly.

Thank you all for your consideration and continued support!

The DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk Team

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When is saving progress with Google Play going to be supported?


It may continue in Android support


The End of Support for device with iOS 10.3 and below has been EXTENDED! After some review, the team has decided to extend support for another month, meaning the End of Support for iOS device under iOS 11 will be in EARLY DECEMBER. We will remind everyone in a month to make sure you update and link your accounts before the change. Thank you all for your cooperation!