[NEWS] Rise of Berk - End of Support for PC Version


We have shared many exciting adventures with our Dragon friends, but we must now announce that support for the PC version (played on your Internet browser and Facebook Gameroom) of DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk is sadly nearing an end and will no longer be available as of February 21st, 2019.

This doesn’t have to be the end of your adventure! You can download the mobile version of the game to continue managing your Berk on:

Note: you can still retrieve your current progress by logging in with your Facebook credentials when you play on mobile.

Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your support,

The DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk Team

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I’m sorry but the reason of this is? You are not giving any explanations.


well that sucks. I don’t play on my phone


I do have to ask what the reason is for the PC version has to go. I can’t play on my phone, since I don’t have one that is capable of doing that, and I don’t have any other device that you can use to play this game. Even if I do get one in the future, it will probably be after February 21st, and I think that will mean that I will lose all of my progress I made.

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I mean why. Even though they are ending the movies they really shouldn’t end the game. In my opinion it is one of the most enjoyable game, plus all the new dragons they come out with. I will always be a fan of the Rise of Berk game and How to Train Your Dragon society. Much thanks to all those who work hard for this game and our enjoyment.

Is School of Dragons shutting down as well?

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Just install Bluestacks on your computer. It’s an android emulator


Since the UPDATE on my kindle it freezes every time I try to play now. So I go to pc… AND now pc will be discontinued … FIX the new release. And my kindle isn’t over a year old yet. SIGH.

In their note, they make it sound like that after the 21. Feb any further progress will not be saved on facebook, or is that me misunderstanding something? I have my game progress saved via facebook so that i can swap between devices that i use, incase i get a new tablet or phone…

That’s suspiciously close to the release of HTTYD 3. Maybe they’ve got big plans but it would be too much for FaceBook to handle or something. I hope they find a way to bring it back to PC in the future. This has been my favourite mobile game for three or something years. :+1:

If your phone can support it, I suggest you start. The game actually works really well on my phone.

I feel like mobile gaming is the way of the future. They follow the money and market share; unfortunately bottom line is that more people will own a mobile device vs gaming PC (more potential clients)…IMO

I don’t really care about this considering that I have never played this game on a computer

Hi Gundar,

The game is not ending. We’re just no longer supporting the PC version of the game and you can still play it on mobile.

Hi @Tarah_James,

You won’t lose any of your current progress if you choose to log into the mobile version of the game with your Facebook credentials. We’re simply no longer support the PC version of the Rise of Berk, you can continue playing on mobile.

Hi @Andre_Madsen,

Not to cause any confusion, we’re no longer supporting the PC version of the game after Feb 21st. This does not mean any progress saved through your Facebook Credentials on mobile will be lost. You can keep playing on the mobile version with no concerns.