[NEWS] Rise of Berk | Facebook Login and Lag Issues

Greetings Fellow Vikings!

Earlier today our dev team noticed that players using devices with iOS 13, or above, were unable to get into game when their accounts were linked to Facebook.

They have also discovered that many players are experiencing excessive lag in their games.

We have found a fix for these issues and should be pushing it soon. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will be sending out a gift to thank you all for your patience in this matter.


Good day. I notice i lost my gauntlet and loss my chance to get that flower. This happened after the update this morning

Yeah, there are lags when I tap the button to collect fish or wood, and when I tap the button to send dragons to collect fish or wood there are lags as well(In case maybe it will be of any help).
By the way I like the last update with fixed issues of Gobber’s duties.

Hey there, there is an update that has been released recently today on iOS and Android that fixes the issues outlined above (iOS Facebook login, and lagging in game). Look for this new update in your store, it is rolling out for Android players now, and will be available to Amazon users early next week!

Hey there, sorry that you experienced this issue. If any of your events reset please message our support team with your support key at dragons@ludia.com so they can assist you.
As a heads up, avoid sending multiple tickets as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response. Thank you for reaching out to us!

Ok. Thank you

Thank you for fixing the lag.

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