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[NEWS] Rise Of Berk | Snoggletog Update iOS

Hello Vikings,

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are still experiencing delays with the Snoggletog update on iOS. Players on Amazon should be seeing the new update in their store (version 1.45.7).

We do not have an ETA for when exactly the update will be available on iOS. However, we will update you on this Forum post, as well as on our Facebook page when it is available in the App Store!

The Crimson Goregutter, snow on Berk, and other features mentioned in the Release Notes will not be visible to iOS players until the new update is downloaded. The Snoggletog Feast that started on November 28 (November 26 for Dragon Riders), will also be visible after the new update. There will be enough time for players to collect all the Viking Snowmen before the end of the event, with a few days to spare!

All other in-game events (Explorations, Collections, Gauntlets) will still be available on the older version of the game.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you once again for your continued patience!

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Does that include the collection for the Gnasteeze? Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought that was going to start today. I haven’t seen anything about in the old version of the game. I already have one, but other iOS users may not.

Hey there Ty, you’re not seeing the collection because it is a UNIQUE Dragon and you already have one!

That makes perfect sense Rose. And sorry, I didn’t realize it was a unique dragon. I should have looked that up.

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Update sucks. I lost EVERYTHING. I pay for this game and I’m back to level four? With an update? I will not be updating my phone version because I’m not gonna lose everything on there too. I’m about to cancel my subscription

When I’ve had problems with my account, I’ve contacted at: (Using the Contact button near the upper right area of the page.) They have always helped me out fairly quickly.

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