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[News] Rise of Berk - Update on Exploration Crash (March 8, 2021)

UPDATE: March 9, 2021 The iOS and Amazon update is coming out today! Make sure you check your app store and update the game to fix the Toothless Exploration issue. :tada:

Greetings Vikings,

Some of you know that Toothless is not acting himself and the game crashes upon his return from exploration. An update to fix the issue is now available for Android players and an update for Apple and Amazon players is coming very soon, we’re aiming to have it out for this week :crossed_fingers:.

The Sparknettle event has also been extended.

Thanks again for your patience!

The Dragons: Rise of Berk Team


It’s not toothless I have the problem with it’s light fury I’ve emailed use with pics and had no reply this is the second time in a month I’ve had issues hope this gets sorted

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Hey James_Cooley, I believe the issue with Light Fury should be fixed as well from the upcoming update.

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The fact that you haven’t been responding to emails or support messages & have not fixed it for apple which is the widest used platform is truly infuriating.

The searches for ALL dragons and costumes need to be extended until this is fixed. Or you should give those who have contacted you for support on this issue the dragons they have missed searching for.

I pay a lot into this game and to have a large portion of it rendered useless is absolutely unacceptable- especially if you have no idea when it will be fixed and are so lax about getting it fixed and communication with your customers is truly bad business practice.

Please help us. Please make it right. Please respond to emails.


Dude chill. You’re not the only one with the issue. There are heaps of other people having the issue, they’ve already given an ETA for the iOS update (usually they can’t get any more specific than that because App Stores are just like that, they release in different stages), and they’ve already extended events. Don’t treat support like garbage, have some patience, it’s just a game.

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Where is the eta for the ios? The release I saw stated they could not give any times for ios but are hoping for next week. That’s not exactly definite. But your explanation helps that make sense.

Some people are getting support responses and immediately getting their issue sorted out. I’ve had a message in for days. No response.

Sure they’ve extended the search for sparknette by 6 days… and are saying that they should have apple fixed in 7. Again leaving myself and other apple users without being able to search for it.

If I came off as rude it was unintended- I was going for seriously bummed and upset & wanting an answer.

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It did come off as rude. There’s just a way better of asking for something, a way better of constructive criticism than just saying “you guys are lax”.
Noting that their support team (from what I can tell) seems to only include about half a dozen individuals, and there are - how many Rise of Berk players? A freaking lot.
If you want them to extend it further, just ask nicely, man. The ETA is THIS week and you have 7 days left so that’s plenty really.


Will there be some sort of gift extended to us for going so long without being able to obtain daily packs, not to mention all the rewards toothless gets? It would be nice to be compensated in some way since it’s been so frustrating.


Thank you for pointing out that my frustration came out in that post and what specifically I said that could use improvement. My apologies to anyone who was insulted by that post. I had no idea they operated with such a small team so that makes sense & helps me to understand that they are not ignoring questions. I have several other friends who have been asking questions/having this issue for longer than I. I hope you are right and that it is fixed this week & again, I appreciate you pointing out to me that my wording was coming across harsher than what I thought it was & helping me to understand the situation better.

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Thank you for your polite response and I apologise if I came off as too critical or harsh. I also work in tech support so I tend to take these things personally! It’s hard work. :slight_smile: I’m sure the team is doing whatever they can with the resources they have.

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Good news Vikings! The Apple and Amazon updates to fix the Toothless crash will be out today. :tada: We really appreciate your patience these past few days :blush: Thank you!


Never had a problem with Toothless. I’ve had a problem with Odin’s Coins and using them to purchase the Collectibles Pack for 150 OC’s. It freezes every time I click Buy (I had 550 OC on Monday when I went to first buy it, now I have 850 OC and still locks up on me. Monday was before the update, today is after the update and still locks up. I was able to buy the Fish and Wood packs for 50 each, and the (5) Resource Packs for 30 each without issue. I get those plus the Collectibles Pack each week, but as of even just now, I can’t get the Collectibles Pack for this week.

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There is a glitch with the Collectibles pack, where if you’re missing only a few items of the same type, the pack won’t open and will just crash the game.

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You’re welcome.

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Welcome for what?

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