[News] Season Reset 3/25/2020

:dagger: Hello Adventurers :dagger:

As part of the fix for the prolonged maintenance, ongoing for some iOS users, we are resetting the current league season. This will have the added benefit of correcting the current issues with the player leaderboard not showing any information.

Thank you for your patience


Why initiate silverhand trials at the start of a new season?
I’m wasting, well i’m not, but gems fighting players that should be 2 arenas above me!

Also, for those players like myself who have been a loyal VIP($16/ month) and a member of this game for the past year but do NOT spend additional monies, there is no chance to acquire the new characters.

At my level, I am unable to compete with players that spend(aside from the $16 each month) and therefore can NOT obtain silerhand offerings. Would cost a fortune in gems, winning 1 fight every 6. (Perhaps only the Silverhand stage could cost gems to continue, after the 3 free attempts were depleted.)

Thus, the gap between the higher players keeps widening. Also, I have been maxed at 20 renown for months and all adventures completed a lifetime ago, so while I sit stagnant, newer players are closing in.

A real conundrum.

PS: I am very competent with my characters, I play alot and love the game, just something I have been noticing in recent weeks.

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I agree @Khmer, doing an unplanned reset has been unfair to Event players.

Although I do not compete in PvP events, I would suggest the developers should provide this reward to any player who competes. The rigged algorithm combined with the season reset will make acquiring this item all but impossible for many players, particularly those who are currently unable to compete due to the utter incompetence of releasing a major update while adequate support is unavailable.

Unfortunately, this is another example of the developer compounding mistakes. Rather than properly test and fix issues prior to release they prefer to find unfavorable work-arounds which continue to create a host of new issues. The developer’s deficient foresight and unequaled avarice is indisputable.