[News] Seasonal + Tournament Server Outage Compensation

Hello DPG members,

We sincerely apologize for the matchmaking server outage that occurred last Friday (June 17th, 2022). Though the outage lasted for approximately 4 hours, we’ve been able to resolve the situation fully. Please make sure to reboot your game if you’re still experiencing issues with matchmaking.

Also, the following compensation plan is has been initiated:

  • We’ve extended the June 17th Tournament by an additional 4 hours and will end on June 20th, 2022 3:00 PM ET.
  • For PVP Seasonal: We will send Hard Cash to all players via in-game mail at 11:00 AM ET. Compensation will expire after 7 days.

We sincerely apologize for this situation again and thank you for your patience.



This is (partially) the communication updates we were promised!


Only normal. Don’t act like they communicate properly all of a sudden, we’re still missing a LOT of proper communication.


ʕ º ᴥ ºʔ yeah!!


srry, but i got the same bad matchmaking as always, idk if you just lie or it doesn´t work, but yeah… not working for me :confused:


There is a flaw in extending the tournament for another 4 hours, just as there is a flaw in sending in game cash to all. But, as is with all games, the mighty become more prosperous. But I guess it eases their conscience to think a mass payout levels all. Maybe they should reset to the onset of the failure and minus point gained during those four hours., then give all an in game cash payout. That ,imo, makes all equal.


All you have to do is interact with others and I think it’s a great game, thank you bye :grinning:


Not working for me either!

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Oh my gosh! They try to make it seem like they actually care about the fans! How cute! Alright ludia, when are you actually gonna fix the game? Stop with the broken content and fix the GLITCHES


Hello again, DPG members!

The in-game compensation mail has been sent!
Please make sure to check your inbox!
Don’t forget that the Tournament has been extended until 3 PM ET today.
Thank you!


Ahhw. Most players stop at 10 kills anyways. Even if matchmaking was down for 4 hours you still had more than enough time to play the tournament. Nice compensation though.


If they don’t address people are sour
If they do address people are sour
If they don’t compensate people are sour
If they do compensate people are sour

They just can’t do good.

It’s messed up what happened yes
Some alliances will be affected more than others yes

Did they acknowledge? Yes
Do they compensate? Yes

That’s pretty much all you can expect and we got it.
Better luck next week :woman_shrugging:t3:


Me, i couldn’t care less, but I don’t hide my head in the sand and pretend that compensation evens things out. Nice that they do it, but it doesn’t paper over the fact there’s a flaw. I will leave you to work it out.

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You need to seriously get round table and try and come up with better fairer ideas and resolve issues never known a game to have so many flaws bugs updates rigjt now this pass need t9 have re think add more levels 30 is not enough and have to wait 17 days to see if any more level be added add morw attempts on legendary dinos and unique dinos even the attempts out right across common rare epic legendary and unique considering people moving UP it makes sense

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Login issue

Hey @We_are_gamers, if you are having login issues and restarting your device doesn’t help, can you please send an email with your support key to support+alive@ludia.com?

Thank you.

So in light of Ludia’s effort to communicate the errors/glitches of their gameplay and striving for a better experience, I have to ask:

When will Ludia be updating/improving their game engine?

It’s not a question to be snide, but an honest wonder. I mean there have been quite many added features to the game, but frankly doesn’t feel like the game engine has been improved to handle such loaded content. The gameplay has reached such a level of lag that in many cases there is such a lagged response time the game feels headache inducing to even be on.

I know Ludia has been making plenty of profit on their game that updating their game engine shouldn’t be an issue. I think I can speak for many when I say that I wouldn’t be opposed to missing a new content cycle if it meant Ludia was spending those efforts in improving/updating/replacing said game engine that which has been needing updating for a long, LONG time.


If management can’t push out new content every 6 weeks then they don’t get a bonus or something. This is the only logical explanation.

This is about the pass you see the problem can add data when data is maxed out to level 30 yes can get more coins but that is not the whole idea of putting in a pass that only up to level 30


Very cool!!