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[News] Server Disconnects & Loading Issues | June 04, 2020

You had my back so thank you!

Standingwarrior is a Ludia’s SUPERBOT! :star_struck:

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I’ve always assumed that you and staff especially the computer geeks(maybe you are one of those geeks) that created, run this game must be the MOST frustrated. I run a small business, I feel you.

not on a win streak…lol

Crashing more these days, even when I first get to the Yawning Portal.

After being fortunate and never encountering server issues during battle mode, my luck has come to end. I lost a battle due to connection issues earlier today followed by another a few minutes ago. With the recent launch of another app at Ludia I fear this critical connection issue may spread to more players, myself included. :frowning: Hopefully my experience today was simply a unanimity of misfortune.

[ Note: This post is an opinion piece only. It is based upon analysis of game play observations and comments shared by players in various forums. In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]

Now that you mention it, I haven’t experienced a loading issue during battle in a good long time either. There may have been one in there, but apparently I wasn’t too mad since I can’t remember for sure. I hope that means they have quietly just been doling out justice to the offending bug in the background.