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News Tab Not Working, Special Offer Disappeared!

For a while now the news tab is blank or only shows some buttons.

I had to search and find what was going on manually by visiting the exploration tab or the collection tab.

Still I couldn’t see when some promos were going to end, take for example the half prize for speeding up with runes promo which I took a good advantage of as long as it lasted but I couldn’t see anywhere how long it was going to last nor any sign that it existed at all (I could only see the discount on the prizes).

That was frustrating at some point but what really shook me was yesterday’s offer completely disappeared! I was waiting for that Drogo Bewilderbeast 50 euro offer for a long time and when it popped up yesterday (a 50 euro offer with no details on the news tab but I could see the red “!” on the legendary dragon tab).
I clicked on the legendary dragon on the map to unlock it and there was indeed an option to buy It now! I felt so good and thanked God for I was waiting for this offer for a long time! When I tried to buy it though, both using the Dragon’s tab and the lonely green button on the news tab it didn’t proceed!
It was loading and then stopped loading like I pressed nothing. No payment pop up window! I restarted the game and the offer was… Gone! It used to say there were 1d16h left but now suddenly it was gone and when I visited the dragon there was no buy it now option nor a red “!” at the legendary dragon tab! There was only an open button on the news tab that redirected me to update the other game named Titan Uprising!

Please help me before the offer expires if it isn’t already gone forever… About the news tab I would also like to be fixed but the offer for the legendary dragon is very very important for me so please do your best and make those offers more often!

Finally the Drogo’s Bewilderbeast offer reappeared (well the button at least and the dragon tab button too) so now I could buy it and I am really excited and happy about it (pls make offers for the rest legendary dragons too)!

What is left to solve here is the blank or semi blank news tab! Please take a look into it :slight_smile: