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[News] Titan Uprising | Ambassadors


The size of our Community has been growing rapidly and will only get bigger. To ensure that everyone can express themselves freely, have fun, and most importantly, be respectful towards each other, we quickly realized how our most passionate and dedicated members can help us achieve that.

By nominating @Mysterious and @LightFury as Ambassadors, they’ll help reinforce Forum Rules and safeguard a positive and harmonious environment for all our existing and new players. Furthermore, they’ll also be able to help streamline information to the Community.

What can the Ambassadors do?

  • Edit the title of any topic
  • Change the category of any topic
  • Flag spam, inappropriate content, anything violating the Rules & Guidelines
  • Ensure topics are associated with the correct category
  • Provide help and assistance to Forum members

Important Note: Community Ambassadors are not Ludia employees or Moderators.