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[News] Titan Uprising | Arena Changes (Oct 18, 2019)

Happy Friday, Vikings!

We’ve read all your feedback on the latest updates and want to take the time to address your questions and concerns. We agree, the current Arena balancing clearly isn’t where it needs to be, and we’re aiming to have it greatly improved next week for the start of Season 3. We really want to make sure that the Thawfest Games remains competitive, and most importantly, fun to play!

So let’s dive right in!

  • The win rates are not on par. The current win rate for Attacking Teams in the Arena is ±40%, while the win rate for Defense Teams is ±60%. We want to flip those percentages. It’s not fun to lose that often, and the “best” strategy shouldn’t be to let your Defense Team do the work.
  • Defense Teams will be weaker in Season 3. Candidly, the Defense Team balancing has been tricky. Since you have a team of 5 Dragons versus 3 Dragons at a time AND you have the board, you have an inherent advantage over the opponent. We compensate by giving the Defense Team a stat buff, but obviously we made them too strong.
  • Matchmaking will be easier in Season 3. Along with the Defense Team nerf, you’ll generally be matched with opponents that are weaker and/or have fewer Trophies. Keep in mind that matchmaking is less predictable at the start of a new Season since it’s based mostly on Trophy counts, but that tends to sort itself out quickly as the most competitive players climb the Path of Glory.
  • Trophies will reset to 2,500 for players with 5,000+. This was already mentioned in the release notes, but we wanted to reiterate it here. The Arena isn’t as fun or rewarding if you’re stuck towards the top. This change is intended to improve competition and the matchmaking pool for top players, while also allowing them to collect the Path of Glory rewards again.
  • Quicker Opponents reroll. We’re reducing the wait time for free opponent rerolls. So if you really don’t like three opponents in a row, a free reroll will be available by the time you do an Exploration/Quest/Alpha Battle and come back.

We also heard you loud and clear concerning the Duty Energy Reward change that just went live. While we believe this balancing makes sense when the Arena works as intended, it would have been better if we’d timed it with the start of Season 3. To help bridge the gap between now and then, gifts of appreciation will be arriving in your Terror-Mail soon! :gift:

As always, thank you for all the constructive feedback. Our team is working hard on the next update, which will include some important Breedery changes that are based on the comments we’ve seen here on the forum - yes, we’ll show you the odds! :slight_smile:

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


Thank you for this clarification, and for a fast response. But especially because you guys do seem to be reading and taking in, what we are all saying which is much appreciated. I will actually look forward with interest to season 3 of arena, but even more to breedery changes…


Thanks for listening to us,and for balancing the arena next it just balancing it and the odds of the breedery will be shown by then too, or they will be in another update? Thanks.

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Arena balancing - Season 3
Breedery changes and odds - Next update


Thanks for the clarification.

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At least you know this. But along those same lines, wouldn’t that be mitigated by extending the ladder up? It should go to at least 10,000🏆. By making arena easier, more people will achieve greater and since people already surpass 5,000🏆, you should logically extend the reward system.


Omg breeding odds, finally lmao! I also like that you guys readed our feedback.


I appreciate all of these changes and feel like gameplay will get a lot smoother again as soon as they‘re introduced. I‘m curious what Season 3 will be like.

The energy gift is nice, yes, but for me it‘s more a „we‘re sorry for introducing less energy rewards too early“ than something to bridge the gap and you should label it that way. Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m fine with the energy change as long as the promised changes will get online as fast as possible, although I think you should‘ve kept the 5 energy rewards for FC members to make FC really worth the money. Otherwise people will continue to quit. (I‘m not a FC member and never have been, so I hope I‘m free to say something like that.)

Here are the maths for energy loss: I guess I‘m a pretty average player all in all and I get at least one chest a day, more likely two if I‘m a bit lucky with duties. So by the duty energy reduction I‘m getting at least 15x(5-3) = 15x2 = 30 energy less per day, not to mention that it‘s harder to complete duties and chests as soon as I‘m lacking the energy rewards. So how exactly did you think that 30 energy would make me able to bridge the gap of at least 150 energy (more likely 300) I‘m losing until Season 3 starts? Again, not taking into account that I‘m not able to complete duties in my usual speed at all because I can‘t even do one repeatable with a duty reward?
Please start to play your own game regularly or ask around here in the community and do some maths before you introduce such changes head over heels! It‘s been an issue for so many updates!


The energy loss for duties and making 3 star scales is just ridiculous…won’t get me to play the game again. I am done and will stay done. Arena will most likely stay broken for the most part. I have completely lost faith in your ability to fix this game since the FC chest “rebalance”. Been nothing but give us one thing and take away 3. That is how it will always be and if y’all think Ludia will change, don’t hold your breath…they won’t.


@Marcus, it is true that we fight 3 dragons at a time with five dragons and thus there is an advantage but you do not take in account that when you fight against sawmaw, having all five dragons out is quite a disadvantage…

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Thank you Ludia for listening. Thank you for responding so quickly. Thank you for your efforts to make a great game for us to play. Thank you for trying to balance your need to be a viable business with our need to play for free. I get that this doesn’t always go smoothly for everyone but I’m grateful that an effort is being made- if you don’t make money, we don’t have a game, and as Apple users can’t use Tapjoy, that revenue has to come from somewhere. I only ask that you continue to listen to us when we explode into fury. We just love the game and want it to work. I’m again excited for season 3. @Marcus


If Arena duties give too much energy then reduce the energy reward just for Arena duties. Reducing the energy reward from 5 to 3 for ALL duties makes no sense.

On the plus side, I am looking forward to seeing the percentages in the Breedery.


To demonstrate how underwhelmed I am with this energy development and half-hearted gesture to make up for it, I didn’t log in to the game at all today. Living with 3 energy rewards hinges entirely on the idea that the arena will be worth playing next season, the prospects of which I am wholly dubious. Maybe after a day without playing, I’ll realize I don’t really miss it and I’ll continue ignoring it.


I think reducing the duty reward you harm just yourselves. Players like dragonslayer don’t care about it, it’s just the 99% of us that are badly affected by your very strange decision. As a result we can play twice a day in the best case. That leads to losing interest. We have to decide now if we try to do repeatable quests and only them, coz they are at least more or less affordable, or do the TP events. For both we just don’t have enough energy anymore. And by increasing the difficulty of the last quest nodes you make it close to impossible to receive 3* scales for many players. So you risk staying with dragonslayer alone. I guess you will have a great party together. Have fun!


I’ve looked at this game only once today. Well done, you did it. So we’il cool. As one of your most loyal players, you’ve cooled my game which never fell out of my hand. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Can’t get node 5 anymore, which I guess is okay because you can’t breed 5* dragons anyway so 3* scales are useless (as an aside, I can’t wait to see the breed rates and laugh at them).
I think what frustrates me most is players don’t get rewarded for doing well, instead we are punished and it’s called “balancing”. The reason why we play is to succeed, but success is like a carrot dangling in front of us.
In a similar vein, every time I see a new species I can’t help but think gee, the odds of me getting the dragon I need is getting lower and lower.


Thanks for listening to our input! Most of the changes seem positive. I’m just curious why we start out each season with trophies and why we don’t start at the bottom again. This season has been a lot harder and a lot of us aren’t getting many medals. You have a dragon that’s exclusive to arena and I don’t think I’ll get enough medals to buy TP for him this season. I’m worried that the changes to arena won’t help those who aren’t progressing and not getting medals enough. I honestly feel like there should be a fresh reset to arena each season. I don’t know if others agree, but it’d be nice to be able to earn medals climbing the ladder.


Can you make it possible to complete a duty when I have 15 keys but the chest is not available? This can always be a problem for me when I am keeping my win streak. It’s kind of lowering the maximum of energies earned from duties every eight hour now.

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Well, guess I should not use a weak defense team in the new season. I shouldn’t mess with the winning rate now so that you can better keep balance in arena.

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Ludia the most annoying game experience I know. … now it is enough for me. With each update, you annoy and punish us players. We who, despite everything, laboriously built up a strong team. You should know that we are fed up with your humiliating implementation of the game. Constantly (yes, since the beginning) freezes after a successful quest, the arena was at times completely unplayable and the arena is now not balanced to the benefit of the players. And now you also reduce the energy after a quest game? Do you all seriously think that so the players still want to play and stay longer or invest money? Anyway, I’ve canceled my subscription and will not invest a single penny more.

In addition, at level 50 it does not go on and you never get over 70 energy. Some quests are also not playable, such as the Arena Quest where you have to win five times in a row. As a high level player you have no chance in the arena to keep its high level anyway. Simply meaningless the whole.

And you get a one-star rating from me every month in the App Store, as long as you’re so disrespectful to us players - your customers. I would have deleted the game long ago if I had not invested such a great clan and money.