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[News] Titan Uprising | Arena Insights and Dreadfall Event Structure (Oct 25, 2019)

:ghost: Happy Friday, Vikings! :ghost:

Dreadfall has consumed Berk and Arena Season 3 is underway, the Development Team wanted to take some time to respond to your questions and feedback this week!


First off, we recognize that our communication prior to the Dreadfall Event should have been much more detailed. It’s a new type of event with a different structure, and we know many of you wanted to know what you were getting into. We’re glad to see the overall sentiment has turned into excitement, but here’s a deeper look into the structure of the event:

  • The event has 3 Chapters and will last through November 4th
  • Each Chapter offers increasing amounts of Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points in the main Trust Quest Battles
  • Chapters 1-2 are paired with special Species Quests that provide extra rewards, including Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points
  • Chapter 3 will replace the special Species Quests with a “Try Out” and “Bring Your Own” Quest for Dreadfall Toothless
  • Chapters 2-3 are paired with a Dreadfall Toothless Draft, especially for those who want to try their luck and save some time
  • In addition to Quests, Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points can be found in Duty Chests, Alpha Chests, and the Thawfest Emporium shop
  • Flight Club Members are highly rewarded from their Flight Club Duty Chests (75 Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points in Large Chests)

This is new for all of us, and we’ll be monitoring it closely to see if any changes are needed for upcoming seasonal events. We expect the general structure to remain the same, but we’ll be sure to give you more details in the future!


As mentioned last week, we deployed a variety of changes to Arena matchmaking and Defense Team power in Season 3. The overall goal was to increase the Attack Team win rate to ~60% and the Defense Team win rate to ~40%.

Did it work? It’s still early to tell, but we definitely know that the changes pushed things in the expected direction. In fact, we may have gone a bit overboard—we’re seeing an Attack Team win rate of ~70% for some players. While this creates a more rewarding attack experience, the side effect is that more players are losing Trophies when their Defense Team fails. We do have a system in place to ensure that players aren’t being attacked relentlessly, but we may need to balance that a bit to help compensate.

We know that some of you still feel like attacking is too difficult and have questions about how the Defense Team Power is calculated, so let us elaborate more:

  • If you face a team with the same Team Power, it should be a very close battle. There are several factors that can determine the outcome—Dragon Abilities, Color Strengths & Weaknesses, and the randomness of the board itself—so this will never be a perfect indicator.
  • The purpose of the Defense Team power is to give a realistic comparison to the Attack Team. Since the Attack Team has an advantage—5 Dragons vs. 3 Dragons at a time and the inherent advantage of the board—the Defense Team’s power is reduced to give a more accurate sense of the difficulty. For example, if you see one Dragon in the Defense Team with an individual Power of 1606, the adjusted Team Power is 1059 because that Dragon doesn’t stand a chance against a full Attack Team of 5 Dragons.

Arena Battles can be difficult and require the deepest understanding of the Dragons. It’s usually best to focus on individual Dragons to avoid charging the abilities of all Dragons, and there are some Dragons that you should just avoid until you have your own abilities charged (we’re looking at you, Toothless).

What are some of your favorite Arena strategies? Have you unlocked Dreadfall Toothless already? Let us know in the comments below!

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


Is there anything you folks can do about the bug where your screen locks up at the end of an arena victory and marks you as a loss?


@marcus,can you tell if the bring your own/tryout quest will give resources or just more trust points all the way for dreadfall toothless?

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In my opinion you just killed the game with this arena. I can’t win even with my team 6700. Almost never! Even teams with 5700 after update are stronger, then mine. I ceazed playing it at all, only waste of efforts. Please make this terrible feature possible to deactivate (like with alphas)!!!

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You don’t actually have to play in the Arena. Just ignore it. Just like with the Alphas if you don’t want to be involved with them. Your team will still fight, but if you’re no longer interested in playing, the loss of trophies and standing in the leaderboards won’t actually matter. It won’t affect you in any way outside of the Arena.

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I am having major trouble with the Gritty Sawmaw. It seems that every team I am paired with has One. To even the attacks out can you pls slow the Gritty Sawmaws down from very fast to slow like you did with the other one? It might give plebs like me a chance at defence. cheers!

@Mysterious Unfortunately, the “ignore Arena if you don’t like it” advice just isn’t realistic with the buff to energy from duty chests. You have to complete arena duties to even begin to compensate for the energy loss. Before the buff I could mostly ignore Arena. Now I have to try for those, and I’m still energy dry more frequently.

@Marcus Thanks much for the update and clarifications. The one thing I’d hoped to see with the arena matches is a more even distribution of teams who are weaker than mine vs teams that are stronger. I would expect that given I’m a pretty average player, that I would see roughly the same number of matches against weaker and stronger players at my trophy level. But last season it was a very rare occurrence that I was paired with a weaker player team, and this season I have only been matched with defense teams stronger than my own arena team. Can you shed some light on why this might be?


I have the same problem. I just reboot my phone before I start the playing. It seems to do the trick so far.

I’m actually not having any troubles with Sawmaws, if I focus on them correctly. They can be beasts otherwise.

What I do is I avoid hitting them entirely (unless there’s a combo beneath them and they’re close to dying), and then utilize all special attacks to focus on them until they’re out. They usually get kicked pretty quickly.

@SongbirdT, I can understand that. I agree that the nerf to energy from the chests was a terrible choice and doesn’t make sense. However, I personally still don’t think that makes it unrealistic. It’s not mandatory. It makes things easier, but that’s it. I barely play the Arena as it is, maybe one or two fights a day, with a day in between where I just ignore it. It’s really not a bother to me.

At the same time I know that that’s me, and my own personal play style. But only in that it’s not a bother. The point remains that it’s not mandatory. (And I’m going to add in here too, that I’m not saying that I think it’s completely 100% perfect. They messed it up with the 3 energy thing. Why not make one or two or just every other duty give 3 instead of all of them? But that’s all besides the point.)


Sorry I am supposed to be replying to stormchaser2 about the battle freeze problem but I must have replied in the wrong place.


No problem! I hope it helps! It’s certainly easier than dealing with a horde of them in quests :confused: that’s just murder.

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So does the 70% take into account everyone like me who is running a weak defence team so we can pick and choose our revenges to actually be able to get a win streak? If I run a normal defence team, no one attacks me, and I’d probably never get a win streak without the revenges.

@ Marcus

Could you please clarify this? Does it mean that instead of trust trial we will have Try out and Bring your own events? Or those will be in addition to trust trial?

This will be in addition. Because the special species quests right now are for the Boneknapper (which might change to a different species), which are being paired with the Dreadfall Toothless Trust Point event.

So you will have the Chapter 3 Trust Point event, as well as a “Try Out” and “Bring Your Own” Quest for Dreadfall Toothless.

Thank-you for this information update. I love this type of communication, and hope the transparency can continue if the future. (Maybe before the update though haha.)


@ Mysterious, is it official info or your speculation?

It’s not speculation, it’s written right there in the notes.

“Chapters 1-2 are paired with special Species Quests that provide extra rewards, including Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points”

“Chapter 3 will replace the special Species Quests with a “Try Out” and “Bring Your Own” Quest for Dreadfall Toothless”

And then, of course, there’s “Each Chapter offers increasing amounts of Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points in the main Trust Quest Battles.”

So it’s definitely in addition :slight_smile:


Thank you, now it makes sense!

No problem! It took me a few reads too to make sure I got it. There’s a lot of detail in there~