[News] Titan Uprising | Arena Rebalancing for Season 10 (Jan 28, 2020)

January 28, 2020

The new Path of Glory changes mentioned below were only implemented as of 11:30am ET. Therefore, players who ended their season between 10am - 11:30am ET experienced the same reset as previous seasons (being reset to -50% of their total trophy count).

Make sure to reboot your app before ending your season so the new Path of Glory rebalancing changes will take effect.

Happy Friday, Vikings!

The Arena will be undergoing some changes for Season 10 as we introduce a NEW Path of Glory! In an effort to make the Arena more enjoyable for newer players but remain competitive for high level players we have rebalanced the medals and trophies earned per league. Here are more details of the changes made!

The new Path of Glory maximum will be set to 15,000 trophies

Trophy Resets

Start of Season 10 (for those who ended their season after 11:30am ET)

  • Players above 5,000 trophies will be reset to 7,500 trophies which is half of the new Path of Glory maximum
  • Players with 5,000 trophies or less will not be reset

Season 11 and on

  • Players above 15,000 trophies will be reset to 7,500 trophies

  • Trophies will be reset by -50% of the total trophy count at the start of new seasons

Trophies per League

  • Increased win streak trophy bonus


  • Increased the amount of trophies obtained per battle for all leagues to balance it with the new Path of Glory maximum

Path of Glory medals

  • Rebalanced the number of base medals to correspond with the new Path of Glory maximum per league

We hope that the new Path of Glory changes in the Arena spark up the competition and allows for players of all leagues and levels to enjoy this feature to its fullest!
As always, we appreciate all the constructive feedback we get from you and our team is looking forward to hearing what you have to say about your experiences battling in the new Arena!

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


That’s all very cool and all but arena is a joke when you can’t kick out the cheaters.
How hard can it be to see logs of players who allways kill without being hit?!


You seem to have forgotten to mention what happens to players that have bewteen 7501 and 14999 trophies.


Does that mean the ladder and medal/rune rewards go from a maximum of 5000 to 15,000?

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Hey there Zhyan, just re-phrased some of the changes to make it more clear. If you have over 7500 trophies you will get 7500 at the beginning of Season 10. However, for the seasons to come you will be reset to -50% of your total trophy count. Hope this cleared things up!


Yes, it is. You will be claiming Runes and Medals when you climb every tier. Tiers are now 100 trophies apart instead of 50.


Thanks Rose, things do indeed make a lot more sense now.

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Well. I hope the rebalancing works out as planned, Arena has certainly been in need of tweaks. Some issues more severe than others. Lack of balance is only one of them.

I am not sure about the 2x distance between medals we’ll have now, but perhaps the higher rewards per battle even them out. We’ll see.

Try to release it free of bugs though, we’ve got quite enough already and… well, I’d like to still be able to gather the stuff I buy from the store. I mean, I’d like for this update to address this rebalancing and as many of the other serious issues as possible, without more issues popping up, so the feature is indeed changed for the better.


Will Windshear and Grump TPs be added in arena shop?


Could you identify and BAN cheaters before anything else in the game? Also, fix Dreadfall Toothless that causes most arena glitches…


Uh…I don’t see the part where it says we fight easier opponents and not opponents that are incredibly hard anymore. Where is that?


Yeah, and what if we all get stuck fighting too hard opponents like in seasons 2-3 when we couldn’t really collect medals. What if we return to that :thinking:


Over it…


por que no responden cuando preguntan sobre los hack … hacen algo con aquellos que hacen trampa

Translated from Spanish

because they don’t answer when they ask about hacks … they do something with those who cheat

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

How long till this is implemented. What happens if people already ended the season and had their trophies cut? (I was at 5016, now at 2500)


I just ended my season, and my trophies were cut in half and I had just over 1700


Uhhh yeah I just ended my season with fewer than 1000 trophies and half got taken. ???


Same happens to me… my trophies were reset while I’m under 5.000… great job:(


I was reset too.
Status: confused

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