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[News] Titan Uprising | Catastrophic Quaken Homecoming Event (March 1, 2021)

Hey there Vikings,

This is to advise you that the upcoming Catastrophic Quaken Homecoming event starting on March 1 will have a visual issue which we were unfortunately unable to correct on time.

On node 11, the reward preview will indicate a 3-Star Blue Sheep instead of a 3-Star Random Sheep similar to previous new Dragon Homecoming events.

We apologize for the confusion it may cause and please don’t hesitate to spread the word to other fellow Vikings. Thank you!

The Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


Thanks for informing us players. I look forward to playing the event too!
Any ideas for the Slumberjacks?


Or just…any new hybrids in general :sweat_smile:, hoping for slumberjacks too but at this rate we might get them in 8 months


I hope that we get hybrids with Triple Strikes and Deathgrippers. Whatever will result as a hybrid to be mixed with those two (maybe we’ll even be blessed with the day we get a Deathgripper x TS hybrid) will be utterly glorious.

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I hope you can add dragons like the death song, smothering smokebreath and a crossbreed with the deathgripper and singetail! Can’t wait for the event

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Wie wäre es denn zuerst mit mehr Drachen Plätzen bevor dauernd neue Drachen kommen?!

How about more kite places first before new kites keep coming ?!

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