[News] Titan Uprising | Cheaters Protocol Update (Jan 20, 2020)

Happy Monday, Vikings!

We’ve heard all your latest feedback concerning cheaters and would like to shed some light on this topic.

The Development Team is constantly working to improve the system so that everyone can enjoy Arena as designed. Fair play is a top priority for us, to reinforce it, we have been continuously monitoring suspicious behaviors and accounts. Today, we are proud to share that we will be implementing a new solution that will aid us in detecting and identifying cheaters more efficiently. This is another step towards fairer and more positive gameplay for our Community. We know how important this is and won’t stop here!

We want to remind everyone about our Fair Play & Community Guidelines and what is considered as Cheating.

Types of cheating:

  • Using 3rd party software to alter your game files
  • Hacking the game in any sort of way
  • Exploiting bugs to your advantage

Thank you so much for your trust and patience!

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


Dearest ludia,
While the playbase was glad to learn you would finally take some action, it was to our great disappointment that said action is to ban people who were attacked by the cheaters, not the actual cheaters. Either your system is outdated or something really wrong goes on through your company, for why would you ban legitimate players for others’ crimes!
Not only that, but your support system refuses to have some real second thoughts and implement appeals for the wrongfully punished and go after some cheaters instead.
I know of several people (not mates from my clan alliance, thankfully) who were mistreated like that by your company, and thoughts of quitting are prevalent there amongst them. So, you’re succeeding in making more players lose trust in you; as if the multitude of game-breaking bugs weren’t doing a good enough job of it already.
I hope you understand this is a big problem, and that while we love the game, buggy through and through, there’s all the reason not to invest in it… And this will lead to a new wave of quittances.
I certainly do not suggest subscribing for a company that turns on her loyal customers while letting the scams go.
No, you need to make this right. Re-evaluate all the bans you did this week and compensate the wrongfully accused and punished. Stop punishing innocents and go after the real cheats. Remove the actual scams from the leaderboards and Arena battles.
Show us you can accept wrongs from your side, and deal with 1 thing in fair fashion.
I am hoping you’ll see some sense,
Aesther the Merciful,
leader of Fury Guardians Alliance


Aesther, grata por suas palavras. Fui punida injustamente e isso é muito triste e desestimulante.


Infelizmente, vocês puniram pessoas inocentes como eu.


5 days since this post and still same people attacking with the exact same damage numbers or 0 damage done, and innocent players are banned :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Hey, I’ll say this, it’s hard to be sure if they’re crooks or not . 0 doesn’t mean your dragons couldn’t attack… I often saw errors in the game . and often these numbers are not real…

these are my old screenshots … I thought HOW??? why do almost all of my dragons have never struck . only 2 of the dragon??? in those moments, I was rarely in the arena . and after the update, I looked at it again…and I was surprised… These numbers were a bluff, after updating the game or re-entering the game it is not 0 … and how can I believe it now??? I wrote in support thinking that these are scammers. but then I told them that it might just be a game error … and it’s disappointing

it’s also not always true that 0 is a fraud … Hey, look at all the dragons attacking … but there is no 0 here

so you can not be sure whether it is a fraudster or just a person very lucky . and do not forget that sometimes it can really lead with a field of stones . and be a lot of combos .

as the times I accidentally clicked (I forgot reverse dragons which used on alpha ) on team which stronger me on 1,000 . and I thought all this is the end I lost and will lose my scale of experience … but no, I was really lucky that time , I got a good combo and my team was able to win

so it’s hard to really believe this arena… qwq