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[News] Titan Uprising | Community Guidelines & Cheating

Vikings, it is with the help of our Community that we can continue to build and grow our game in a fun and fair environment. We want to remind everyone about our Community Guidelines and what is considered as Cheating. Please take a moment to review them.

Types of cheating:

  • Using 3rd party software to alter your game files
  • Hacking the game in any sort of way
  • Exploiting bugs to your advantage


  • Warnings
  • Removal from the Leaderboard
  • Loss of game support
  • Temporary bans
  • Permanent bans

Note: Repeat offenders will be handled with increasing severity.

Remember, you can make a DIFFERENCE by reporting those who aren’t following the guidelines.


I’ve never understood why a developer would ban someone for exploiting THEIR bug - the DEV’s mistake. How is that “fair play?” If you put it in the game, why punish someone for doing it? Especially bugs that have been reported and ignored?

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@Skycomet24 it’s not like they put it there on purpose. Or do you you think robbing people is okay too? I mean it’s not your fault they left the door unlocked, right?
“Hey, you should lock your door, someone might come in uninvited.” 48 hours later. “It’s not my fault officer, I told them someone might come in uninvited, they left the door unlocked still. They practically asked me to do it by not locking the door even after I told them.”

If you exploited this bug, you are a cheater. I understand you want to justify the actions you took, which were immoral.

But, you are a cheater, if you did this. You are responsible for your actions, not the developer.

I appreciate that they acknowledged that what everyone did was cheating, thank you @Marcus. I think it’s unlikely that the repercussions will deter people from doing it in the future, however, as clearly everyone feels justified in their actions.


Here’s your answer

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Because there’s a difference between accidental and intentional use. If you stumble upon a bug, that’s fine, and it might take a few moments for an issue to register to your brain, but after that, you are faced with a choice… And that’s where morals are supposed to guide you to the right one.

Also, bugs are faults in the code. They happen because 1) the game is still in development, 2) that stuff happens.