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[News] Titan Uprising | Daily Quest Reward Rebalancing (August 29, 2020)

Greetings everyone!

We wanted to inform all Vikings that early next week we will be implementing a change to rebalance the rewards for Scale, Fish, Coin, and Rune Daily Quests in-game. The rewards for the Daily Quests mentioned above as well as their respective Special Challenges will be rebalanced in order to adjust the distribution of resources in-game.

This change will take effect on Monday August 31st at approximately 9am ET. If there are any major delays we will communicate on this post. Also, feel free to share your experience and thoughts about the rebalancing changes under this post.

Thank you all for your attention!

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


Well since I don’t know how the quests will be rebalanced my thoughts aren’t very valuable yet, unless you are going to take feedback before deciding what changes to make… but I doubt that, lol.
Anyway my preliminary thoughts are the rune and scale ones are mostly fine and I hope Ludia doesn’t change them too much.
There is definitely room for improvement though, since with how it is now, there is less reason to do the hard difficulty fish and coin quests because the easy and medium ones were just so much more easy and gave just as much or more resources for the energy spent. Hopefully if those ones get nerfed in the amount, it will be offset by a buff in the amount you can earn in the hard quests… so that in the total resources gained don’t change by much (maybe not at all) if you do all of the quests.


Agreed, the only quests that they need to touch are the fish and coin ones, I don’t think that the rune and scale quests are broken, it’s just that the older quests were offering a ridiculously low amount of them.

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BETTER random quests
I hope you make the quest better and logical.
How should we win against a 8k team with “use 4 2star dragons” or “use 0 5star / trustpoint dragons”

3star scale quest reward
Enemies getting harder and you need more and more energie⚡for 1 3star scale? Hope you thought about that, too.

EGG quests
I also hope you will give us a dayly egg-quest.

Other rewards quest
I would like to see a questline for:

  • sheep
  • arena tokens
  • alpha keys

AUTO quest (campaigne)
I also realy REALY hope you will change that autoattack quest back, so we can do it on our own OR on autocomplete.


Also, speaking of the sheep quests, they actually had sheep quests in the game but then they removed them from ugh…reasons? I expected them to be a one time/week thing but I gues naaah.


arena emporium we want to see seasonal dragons. The same dragons always appear in the upper, which is renewed every day.


energy is still insufficient. 3 energy is not enough. we cannot do the tasks because it is not enough.

seasonal dragons left unfinished. Adding it to the arena helps us complete.


I get the coin and fish part, but you guys seriously messed up with the scale quests. You need a lot of 1 stars for leveling up and that’s hard enough to get without a nerf on the scale quests. Also to get a 3 star scale you now have to spend 21 energy which is just not fair.


I agree, not needed at all on the scales. The hard quest was already ridiculous at level 3 and now to not get a 3 star scale for the first quest is really poor. Not sure what you think the point of spending that much energy on these quests are…thankfully I’m good on scales but I pity those who need them.

Maybe I’m missing something but this just seems like a big nerf!!


So the fact that the hard scale quest now dishes out 1* scales on the first node is part of this so called ‘rebalancing’ and not a bug then? Why does it show the chest and not a 1* scale so you know what you are getting? Please can you confirm this is not a bug. I know I got about 20 scales but we have the easy node for 1* and the medium is 2* to go backwards on hard and get 1* again is wrong


Its cuz you’re not getting 1* scales in the first fight of the hard scale quest. You’re getting a Scale chest. The contents of the Scale chest are random. As far as i’m aware you can get 20 1* scales 10 2* scales or a 3* scale from it.


Ok, that makes some kind of sense. I have been unlucky in only getting 1* scales on two days . The chest looked identical to the final chest, so I was confused. Preferred it before…


You cannot be serious removing the 3* scale from the first hard quest. Do you really want to say we have to spend 14 energy in order to get a scale? It’s ridiculous!


So as for scales quests: I didn’t think they needed to be changed, but I think this is a step in a good more balanced direction anyway, just needs to be changed a little more to feel perfect. I like that chests are being added but I agree with other players the extra chest shouldn’t replace the 1st hard node, I think it should be moved to the 15 energy cost 2nd one… and I believe adding in one chest wasn’t enough, I think the 2nd medium node should also get a scale chest. In that case if you get 2* or 3* scales out of one you’ll likely be able to get 1* out of the other, making up for the ones you removed in easy being transferred to the medium hard middle node (with a bit of rng.)
The fish/coin adjustment was close , but not quite done in a balanced way… I agree with nerfing the chests but you should adjust the price of the fish/coin chest in the shop to compensate, and add more chests in the harder difficulties. I think the Hard (maybe the medium 2nd node similarly to what I suggested with scales) fish and coin nodes and challenges should all have chests as rewards… all I’m saying is it could probably be balanced by just throwing 2-3 more chests in, because instead of balancing… you just straight nerfed the rewards across the board… If that’s what you were planning on doing at least call it that instead of calling it balancing next time.
I hope you can take my suggestion of adding more chests in the harder difficulties to the devs. I really think it would help balance the game.
Actually… another thing that could help similarly for balancing is if you programmed more kinds of chests. Like a small/medium/large fish and coin chests instead of just one size of each.


I understand that after adding those random rewards, you need to decrease some rewards in the quests. But the first node of hard scale quest not guaranteeing 3* scale is really a bad idea. And is it possible to lower the energy costs now that you have nerfed the rewards?


I came here to complain about the hard scale quests too- the first one being randomized and all. Looks like other players have already one that. Ludia, there are some great suggestions on this feed. Please listen to your peeps. No one is very happy about the first hard scale quest being randomized. Thanks.


Anyone actually managed to get a 3* scale from the so called random chest? Or even anything other than 1*?

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Actually on the first day after the update I did get a 3* scale from that chest.

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You keep saying the variety of chests differs, however, the first node of the hard scales quest is not a chest, it’s always the third node. So it’s ridiculous to make us spend 7 energies in the first node to get 20-25 of 1* scales or seven 2* scales. I don’t have any problems with you adjusting the easy and medium quest chests, however, changing the first node of the hard scale quest is a bad joke!


Wodensfang your the best of this game

@SirUSUL If they add an alternative way for Alpha keys people won’t want to participate in clans… There’s enough issue with so many not really being team players
Otherwise your post is really good and thoughtful👍

@Zhyan Thanks for answering what exactly is the new 1st hard level on scales now. I didn’t touch it since I saw the changes and were wondering. Initially thought it was a bug like many players, but then we all saw it wasn’t.

Ludia, you have just nerfed rewards it’s ridiculous.

Needing to spend 21 energy (7 +14) to get 1 3⭐ scale when once I could get 2 of that for the same energy and could opt to only do 1st level. 2nd level costs 14 energy, and that’s in no way what we would once pay for a 3⭐ scale - before easy/medium/hard system was introduced. And there’s another aspect in this too; up until now people who had 6000BP could gather 3⭐ scales for their dragons and train on, now… Now these people will be set back doubly, for it’s not just energy loss they have to look forward to.

Weekend scales have also been tempered with, medium scale chest gives far less than it would (no bunch of 1⭐ stuff any more), hard scale quests give solely 1 3⭐ scale each - and challenges are insane asking for underpowered dragons so I didn’t get to open chest yesterday that I did all. I didn’t get random 1⭐ and 2⭐ scales raining down on completion.

And I hear other daily stuff have been tempered with, like runes, fish, coins… Why? It’s not like we can hold more fish/eggs/coins than our purse can hold and it’s not like we can complete all the daily stuff with the demand on energy. So now stuff are going to take the same obsene amount of energy, and offer less. You guessed it, I’m as ecstatic as the rest (translation: I’m the opposite and revert it to how it was, it was good before).

Also take into account that 1) You lowered our chest rewards for energy by 3 bolts on the sly, 2) Several people in the game are not advanced enough and can’t touch hard quests at all, should they not get sufficient resources? Especially when bank/fishery are not upgraded enough to give good amounts?