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[News] Titan Uprising | Dragon Balancing and Seasonal Arena Rewards (May 1, 2020)

Vikings, the End of Season Thawfest Arena Rewards has been reworked to benefit more players along the Path of Glory!

The Mythic Murmurquill and the Gritty Sawmaw drain capabilities have been decreased.
Read on to see the details!

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Developer’s Comment: The Mythic Murmurquill and The Gritty Sawmaw have been the most frequent target of power level change requests from our players. Their frequency in the top leaderboards does indicate that they are too powerful. We decided to diminish their drain healing capabilities to reduce their sustainability in battle. With their better-than-average Spirit Speeds, they will remain competitive and great Dragons that last long in combat! We hope this will increase the diversity of teams you will fight against in the Arena.


  • Starting with Season 17 and on, players who rank Wood II and above in the Path of Glory will receive End of Season rewards based on their League
    • Players who rank in the Top 200 will receive both the Top 200 reward, and the Crystal III League reward
  • Starting with Season 18, all Seasons will START and END on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays.
    • Season 18 STARTS on Thursday, May 21st at 12:00pm (ET) and ENDS Thursday, June 4th at 11:00am (ET).

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


I know that alot of players who had Sawmaw and Murmur might not be happy with this, but they were a pain to fight even if you had them in your team. I am personally happy with this as i feel like the teams were originally limited (most of the top tier teams had Murmur and Sawmaw). I am not really into spending resources into dragons just because they are top tier, i am more into using my favorite characters even if they are considered low tier (this is why I use BB instead of TG Meatlug and i think i’m going to use St.Paddy Toothless from now even by knowing that he is kinda weak). So yeah hopefully now people are gonna be more motivated to use different teams.


Are you serious LUDIA!!! Are you going to give me my runes back for speed breeding??? You literally destroy this game. 10% health and 15% is a joke!!! And if you don’t have murmur and sawman you have to breed for them and not complain about it.


I completely disagree with your approach Ludia!
Yes, both dragons are quite strong, but can also be beaten with right team. Many many players have overcome my Sawmaw and Murmur in the Arena.

Instead of focusing on major issues, you are slowly killing this game… (by listening to whinners, who don’t have enough patience to breed these dragons).

What are you going to do next? Nerf another pair of dragons, which some players will start deeming too powerful?

Going to cancel my subscription and change my Google play review to 1*.


I agree with Quke for 100%. You just basically threw my 8 months of hard work to abyss. Instead of it how about just make a new dragons that are much stronger than Sawmaw and Murmur? I am just asking myself does it even make sense to build a new team? There will be new dragons. Will you nerf them too? Do you know how many runes I spent to get them? And how many resources I put into them to max them? And I know that I am not the only one. As Quke said, I want my runes back then.
And now when we are talking about nerfing, I think that you should buff for example Molten Magmannette. This is literally the worst dragon in the whole game and it’s a shame to call it a 5 star. If you can nerf, you can buff too. And that’s not the only one dragon.
Also we begged you for an inventory where we could see our scales. We BEGGED you to do it and we STILL don’t have it. Instead of it you are ruining our work.

And for the people what will attack me for my opinion: I know that the nerf was needed. I was okay with that. But this is DESTRUCTION. These numbers are just crazy. They shouldn’t be lowered that much.
That was my opinion.


Im sad to hear that… rip my sawmaw. At least buff their healing ability to 20% sawmaw and 25% murmur…


Hopefully they wont nerf toothless… He is perfectly balanced and in the same time op. Please ludia let us keep these stats…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I think it’s right. Both dragons have same spirit speed and they are still very useful.
Major reason of nerfing is voltknappers that have same first ability as Murmurquill and Sawmaw. Just imagine arena with these 3 dragons - arena becomes unplayable.
I have both dragons and I’m not disappointed.


Contrary to the complainers here I fully agree with this nerf. I spend half a year and countless resources to get both and yet a won’t shed a single tear on them. The nerf was overdue though I would have rather outright banned them from arena all together. I wanted them for pve not the single pvp mode but they were just oppressive.


Don’t worry, they won’t nerf Toothless, Toothless is a strong dragon but he is not OP.


Thank you, Ludia. Let’s see if this time Arena will bring us more joy with this balance move.


Can be beaten with the right team is just an overstatement – try your own defense and you will realize it’s just how good your initial board is. Honestly, if I have 9 or more align-able purple gems, I could beat any team with a team of Murmur & Toothless and ANY OTHER 5-star dragons. This is not right. Your so-called the right team has pathetically low diversity, so is most of the defense team in top 100 Arena.

That said, on average those who beat you, beat you by chance. Previously, too much weight is put on chance, i.e., initial board, instead of how well you play the game, etc. That’s why we need such balance change. I am all for it because any good game should reward fair play and balance more than investment. I would ask you to be more patient and let’s see how this will play out. Perhaps weeks later you will feel good about this too.


in fact, everyone is right in this case. There are no real dragon powers in the arena. because it has additional power. then sawmaw and murmurq. it is incredible and almost impossible to beat. I think it would be better if no power is added on it. So our dragons must fight whatever their strength is.
and of course there is a right to it! After 100 trials, I got sawmaw and copies. that is, I tried hard to train, to take copies and to constantly make it strong. and this is done because someone who is less powerful, that is, half the way, cannot beat me. In short, labor means playing morning and night for 2 years :slight_smile:
this is my effort. I made an effort to train them. then the power fell .!


Only the best 200 players getting more more rewards? Dont you think the others should also get some more stuff? Like sheeps, runes and other stuff the top200 get at the end of season?


Diese neuen Werte sind ein Witz !!

Was ist mit den Spielern die sich diesen Drachen um 79 € gekauft haben??

Also ist das Geld umsonst ausgegeben worden??

Bekommt man dann das Geld zurück??

Wenn ihr diese Änderungen macht werde ich und einige andere Leute den Flugclub kündigen!!!


Can you buff Cryptic Collector and Magmanette? They are pretty much useless…


I know that they are OP and I could life with a little nerf but this is too much!


I agree, exactly. 3 *? 5 *? It’s not certain . some 3 * is much better than that

So I have completed 5 stars, but I do not add to the team. There is no use. Pointless powerless


Translated from German

These new values are a joke !!

What about the players who bought this dragon for 79 €?

So the money was spent for nothing ??

Do you get the money back then?

If you make these changes I and some other people will quit the flight club !!!

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Both dragons used to unbalance the game, i know many users spend time on those just because they were OP, that just explains you already knew how OP those dragons used to be compared to others dragons. I have that dragon since the game release and i never use it on arena cause it just feels wrong. Im glad to read It is nerfed.