[News] Titan Uprising | Dreadfall Event Information (October 20, 2020)

Vikings, it’s almost time for Dreadfall on Berk, and this year the Events will be organized a little differently.

  • Dreadfall Toothless will make a guest appearance on Berk for a week-long Trust Event starting on Thursday, October 22nd!
  • Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points will be available in Drafts during the Dreadfall Toothless Event (10/22 - 10/28) and during the NEW Dreadfall Dragon Event taking place the following week (starting 10/29) there will be a refreshable Draft Box featuring both Dreadfall Dragons’ Trust Points.
    • Note that Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points will not be available in Chests or in the Thawfest Emporium

Don’t forget that a NEW Dreadfall Dragon will be making their first appearance next week! This Seasonal Dragon Event will work the same way as the previous ones (ex: Fallfest Toothless)

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you had and we thank you for your attention!

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


Thanks for the clarification. But Will dreadfall toothless appeared more Frequently now or Will the event come next year again?
It is obviously not possible to obtain 3 copies this time


It’s very unfair to new players


It is utterly pathetic and unfair for new players! What’s they point for having Fight club then!


Agree, it is very unfair for new players.


Is Dreadfall Toothless going to be repeating like Toothless or Shattermaster after this week?


Early access didn’t work after payment…I don’t understand why we have this like options when all the time we have a problem with this. So I report it but still no answer and the time is going, thats mean no point to have like option. Thats happend to me for second time and this will be the last time when I pay for it

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Hey there Mario, I’m sorry this is happening with your Early Access! Please try to re-launch your game and see if the Early Access starts. Also if you have not already, please email our support team at support+titan@ludia.com with your support key so they can look into this!

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Hey there Rhy, there are no plans to do this as of yet, but we will not close the book entirely on the possibility of bringing him back.


Without Fight Club = 800 tps.
With Fight Club = 800 tps.

Fight Club is Useless. I already cancelled it.

You force us to make lotre system with 400 runes spend for unworthy prize. No way we will do that.


To the Devs

You plan to buff or enhance Dreadfall Toothless? I don’t think so. So why do you remove the trust points out of the Chests and Thawfest Emporium? Yes it is a Toothless and maybe a good one, but at bottom it is just an old dragon.
Between all the games I played, you guys might be the only team that push players away, you don’t just persuade players not to pay for the game, you persuade us not to play at all. Good for you.


Are the devs aware that this means that new players in practice Cannot get 3 copies?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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The problem is there aren’t many as good dragon as last year’s event dragons like dreadful toothless, thanksgiving meatlug Valentine’s Day light furry so on. And what I understand from this event it will be the same for them. Either bring equal or better to great dragons or let’s stop playing altogether as We,new players, can never get great teams ever.


New player in arena (a week ago) : wow people have very great dragons, its amazing, I want that too :fire:

New player after this news : just forget it. You can get them complete for the next 3 years :lock:


That means for me, that I can’t get my second copy.
I got one Dreadfall Toothless last year without Flight club and as a player who didn’t pay for the game. The next copy has only 123 TP.
Since December I am flight-club member and got 2 copies of all the following event dragons… But if the system will be the same for all other TP dragons like Dreadfall Toothless… That’s a hit in our face. :dizzy_face:


why do you keep insisting that we need more dragons? where is our inventory tab and other important topics like that?


I think it’s an absolute cheek! Last year I got a dreadfall without a flying club. Now I’m in the club and in the end I don’t get anything for this kite? How unfair is that to us players who didn’t get it last year and those who have just started playing? Think about it. I think there are a lot of players that you piss off from FC and the game in general! Including myself.


I have dreadfall toothless on max, it was my first 5 star maxed out dragon. It’s a good dragon, especially for alpha attacks where I use it most of the time. It’s a slap in the face for all new players if you just let them play it this short and also a slap in the face for those people who buyed early access hoping they will receive their 3 copies.

I already cancelled my flight club after way over a year with all the bugs lately (and remembering I NEVER had a bugfree game) and was about to stop playing because of all the bugs and the greediness happening. My clan mates and my wife beggin me to stay and friend of mine also starting the game changed my opinion and I stayed and after a few inactive days during alpha maintenance even started FC again but now more and more people are getting frustrated because of your plans. If the leaving spree begins I will join for sure. There are better ways to keep your players promoting your game.


Why did you decide to take points out of the chests? That was where a lot of the points came from, especially for the Flight club crew. Now it will cost 4 or 5 times as much, if it is even possible, to get all 3 dragon clones.


Yes it answers the question if I should cancel FC or not. I also think this game is getting more and more P2W. First this P2W elite dragon (16k runes for one) and now we cannot even get the trustpoint dragons (with FC) anymore - without spending verry much real money AND time.

If you will not change this, you will loose many FC payers for sure - and we will loose good players, too. :disappointed:

Edit: Before that change I could get (with spending dias in some resets and stamina and playing a lot of time to get the chests) 3 cards, now, without chest TP and only one questline (before 2) I can be happy to get one copy