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[News] Titan Uprising | Dreadfall Toothless Event (Oct 22, 2019)

The Dreadfall Toothless Event has begun! :ghost:

We noticed several questions concerning the event and want to shed some light.

  • There’s a mistake in the abilities, it currently says 0% but it’s actually 240% (It’ll be fixed in the next update)
  • You won’t be able to have two Toothless in your battle team at once. Toothless is unique, there could only be one!
  • The Trust Points are incremental, you’ll earn more Trust Points from one chapter to another.
  • You can earn Dreadfall Toothless Trust Points from your Duties Chests as well

Good luck and enjoy playing!


I got another question: Do the Duty chests give you trust points and if so how much? (Apparently some players got trust points from duty chests and i haven’t so im wondering if mine is bugged or only flight club members get some trust from duty chests or something)

I can confirm that you can earn Dreadfall Toothless’ Trust Points in the Duties Chest and VIP Duties Chest.

Flight Club members will earn more from their chests.


So mine was bugged then?
I opened a hard duties chest (non-flight club) 55 minutes ago and i didn’t get a single dreadfall toothless trustpoint.

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Will Dreadfall Toothless trust points be available trough the game after the 3 events or players will need to wait till Oct 2020 before trust points reapear again and we will be able to level him up?

If you’re absolutely sure that you did not receive any Trust Points, I recommend you writing to our support staff so they can look into your save progress and investigate.

There shouldn’t be a bug, but let’s be extra cautious.

This is a limited time event. The Dreadfall Toothless event won’t be coming back any time soon once it ends.

New bug in arena making it unplayable - fed all opposition dragons but still lost - but had pop ups after every shot in both rounds I played saying discrepencies

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I’m 100% sure that I did not get TP from my flight club duty chest. Just skullcrusher.

Didnt get any either

@Marcus A few minutes ago i tried to check Tapjoy to see if a certain game had rewarded me runes, but when i went to the rune shop I noticed that the Tapjoy tab is missing. (Im guessing this is a bug?)

Yep, missing for me as well, wanted to see my ongoing offers but can’t…

Correct, our team is fully aware and will try to get TapJoy back up and running.


Hi @Marcus, can you clarify what it means to not have two Toothless in your roster?

Does it mean that if I earn enough trust points for Dreadfall Toothless, that my normal Toothless, like, goes away? If that’s the case, will all of the leveling and resources I’ve put into my normal Toothless be applied to Dreadfall Toothless? Or will it just be forfeited?

And since this will be the only Dreadfall Toothless event ever, does that mean we have to earn enough trust for 4 of them so we can max their stars?

@SongbirdT, please don’t panic :stuck_out_tongue: !

You will keep your original Toothless, but will only be able to have one Toothless part of your team to battle, etc.

It’s not the only Dreadfall event ever, it will be back eventually (I won’t be able to tell when, perhaps next year).

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Whew! Thanks for the clarification @Marcus!

How then will we get copies to upgrade it??? Or he’ll be upgraded with simple toothless?

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Just opened a hard flight club duty Chest and got 80 trust points, but when I checked dreadfall toothless in my roster, the 80 points didn’t even carry over. Pls fix this, it Will be so hard to get dreadfall toothless without duty chests

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Nevermind just needed a little time

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Hello! I was wondering if this is like other 5* dragons where we need three copies to get it upgraded to max. If so, can you give us some more information about the next chapters? I don’t want to spend thousands of runes restarting chapter 1 only to see that I should have spent them on chapter 2 or 3.