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[News] Titan Uprising | Elite Dragons Information (August 7, 2020)

Hello Vikings,

We would like to inform all players that if you were searching for another copy of The Antiquarian Accumulator, it will be available in a Premium Draft starting on Monday, August 10th.

Secondly, we wanted to clarify that although you are able to refresh most Draft Boxes, the Draft Box that includes The Antiquarian Accumulator cannot be refreshed. We apologize for the miscommunication about this feature and will be more clear about this going forward.

As an Elite Dragon, The Antiquarian Accumulator starts off being stronger than other Dragons. Once The Antiquarian Accumulator is at the maximum level, their stats are about the same as other 5 :star: Dragons except they have a 4th ability!

We hope that this communication helped clear up some of the questions about the new Elite Dragon The Antiquarian Accumulator. If you have any other questions feel free to ask them on this post and we will address them in a timely fashion.

Thank you all for your patience and for reaching out to us!


What a creative way to trick people into spending a lot of runes and money! A lot of what you said was almost impossible to see as what you mean now. This whole thing is a bunch of misdirection which is causing people to spend way to many runes. This system is almost as broken as the banning system.


I’m sorry, but which draft boxes can you refresh? No draft boxes exist that need refreshing. All of them are infinite. No previous draft has ever ran out of drafts.

The concept of draft box lottery is brand new. This new draft box is finite and requires refreshing because there’s an end to it. It runs out of draft picks or you get what you were looking for and want to start over.


So this unbelievably special, rare and elite dragon went from only available in the event and the refreshable draft box


Event, draft box, able to buy it


Event, draft box, buy it, everyday regular draft.

You guys managed to take the allure and uniqueness right away and make it available to the masses 24/7 for the rest of its existence.



I will not buy this dragon with no different features. Because I gave up. ‘Elite’ means very special and different. I think there is nothing different and special about it.

Also, this is my opinion and I’m sure most people will agree with me.

and … I spent a lot of runes for the copy … the directions were very wrong. It is not worth buying even for this reason alone.
I wish it would be considered more carefully for an elite dragon trait

remember, ludia, good criticism strengthens you. We play this game. It would be to your detriment if you ignore our opinions


Agreed, and i feel like instead of having it as a regular dragon in the draft, they should make something similar to the TP drafts (let’s say that you could get umm idk… ~100 TPs/10 drafts) and even better, make this draft a limited time draft (comes once/a few weeks, maybe they could rotate the elite dragons like how they do with the TP ones). Would this take more runes? Yes, but i think it would be more fun.


English is not my native language.

Can someone from Ludia please explain to me what the word “FREE” means?

In the [Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.13) is written for The Antiquarian Accumulator:

“Stay tuned to gain a FREE copy of this dragon during the Launch event”

The launch event is over.
I got one copy of Antiquarian Accumulator in the draft - it cost me a lot of runes - so it was not FREE.
I got a second copy of the Antiquarian Accumulator in the last battle of the Launch Event - it cost me a lot of energy to go through the whole launch event and win the battles - I think that if I must invest energy, won battles etc. it is not FREE as well.

I did not receive any free copy of the Antiquarian Accumulator, nor did anyone else in our clan.

So FREE in English does not mean FREE?

Thank you for explaining the linguistic nuances used by Ludia for me, an English language little known …


In this sense “Free” means it doesn’t cost runes, so the quest was the “free” copy


Thank you Ludia for ruining what should have been a fun and rewarding event.

The only winning move is not to play.


Ludia :slight_smile: ,
Are you aware?
there is not a single positive post. This will not strengthen you. Nobody gets the last copy because it’s pointless. think you should take into account our ideas and thoughts.


Agreed, tbh for me this kinda killed a bit the fun of the game (knowing that this is not the last time they will do this) but I gues we might as well ignore the elite dragons and focus on ohter stuff. (I am still a bit scared about this game becoming p2w).


This dragon is a complete waste of money & ruins it’s way to slow & 95% of the time the AI targets it and kills it before it even gets a turn let alone Toothless removes to much Spirit and in never get a turn. In my opinion it needs to get a speed buff because it is absolute waste of money


You should leave the game if it’s so bad. I’m sure there are other games you could like that would be perfect. Free, perfect and all for you.


Since we are gonna be getting a new elite into the game, i have some questions :point_right::point_left:

  1. Are we gonna be able to get one dupe for free just like the last time?
  2. Are the last dupes going to be avalable in the store after the draft box event ends? (Also, will they cost real money this time?)
  3. Will this new elite ever going to return in another draft box? (Kinda like what happend with antiquarian) i assume that for this one the answer is “yes” but i still wanted to add this lil question

Since there is no update on this new elite dragon, i am just going to assume that the answer is “yes” this event will be the same as the last one.