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[News] Titan Uprising | End of Support for Android 5.0 and Below (June 12th, 2020)

Attention Vikings,

Please be informed that DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising is increasing the minimum supported Android OS version to 5.1 and will cease support for older Android devices (5.0 and below) effective immediately.

While we continue to focus on optimizing and developing new features for the game, we highly encourage all our players to update their operating system or log into their game on a supported device so they can continue playing.

Those who wish to have assistance transferring their Guest accounts to a new device, please contact our support team at with their Support Key. Our support team will do everything they can to assist players affected by the change in the game’s requirements.

Thank you,

The DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


I have 2 questions: will it stop supporting 5.1 anytime soon, and will it be supporting all newest software versions like say android 10? At some point I am going to replace my device to 1 that features 10, not too soon though as I am considering prices and want to get the best deal for the device I’ve picked, my current one is on 5.1. I don’t want to be cast out of the game before replacing my old phone, or after. I am leader of a whole family of clans and cannot afford that.


Can confirm it works on Android 10


Thanks, 1/2 questions answered :slight_smile:

But since it may take me up to Christmas until I get the new device (I simply want to spend as little as possible but get a good device that’ll work for me for a few years), I am concerned about the Ludia updates before it.
Or if there’s a way to update my system beyond its limits.

I hope a Ludia employee pops up to answer that part