[News] Titan Uprising | July 29, 2019

Hello Vikings,

A quick update on what our developers have been working on. Some fixes are already implemented today and no game update is required. Please simply reload your game. We’re aiming to push the fix for Astrid’s duties tomorrow and an update will be available in the next few days resolving all the known issues. We appreciate everyone’s tremendous amount of patience, thank you!

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Properly implemented the Shellfire damage output reduction
  • Temporarily disabled of all of Astrid’s Duties that are causing an issue. They’ll be reinstated once they’re fixed.
  • Increased chances of getting the “Train”, “Pet” and “Hatch a Color” Fishlegs Duties
  • Fixed the Flight Club Rune Collector icon appearing constantly for non-Flight Club members


  • Visual and graphic corruptions:
    • The number of waves is not updated when you advance onto the next
    • The opponent’s health bar is not displayed. However, they can still be defeated.
  • Alpha log titles and texts are displayed incorrectly
  • Light Fury’s special ability VFX
  • Incorrect “ends in” counter in the store pop-up

If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.


They still won’t make the game like it was before until arena is out??


Quests chestsss very hardddd ??? @Marcus


@marcus,Sure, fixing the bugs will be great, but PLEASE tell them to test everything before giving another terrible update, and most importantly, is they must make the game like it was before, they didn’t say anything about that?? Or they are just acting, as if they care about the bugs more and those terrible changes they made are OK?? I don’t want to mention them because i won’t be done until tomorrow or even the day after it, they have to make the game like it was before! If they are going to keep it like this, they should know this: until arena comes out, nobody will he playing the game, so they will have nobody to release arena for, so they better make it like it was before or else it will be too late, they won’t die if they do it really.


What about the days of missed scales and it doing 3 days of yellow? Also is there any changes coming to Flight Club? It makes no sense now to keep it as it will take a year to get one extra Skullcrusher with how the chests are. That only leaves runes as a benefit. I was doing ok with those before FC so what else is there to make it worth $?


Step by step! To temporarily disable Astrid‘s duties will at least solve the extreme lack of energy and make chests better accessible (and chests containing energy again, so that‘s another energy boost) and they increased the chance of non-hatching/leveling duties - if everyone gets the level / hatch 12 and NOT 15 anymore that‘s fine with me for the moment.
I really appreciate that they‘re focussing on bug fixes, bugs are the issue that are most annoying at the moment in my opinion.


Is there any update to bomb damage to screaming death. On 10* the damage is only around 317 when you do manage to clear a bomb. It should be at least 1500 imo.

It would be great if every alpha had a way to use special against. Like someone mentioned breaking all bones causing damage to forever wing, letting all gas dispel causing damage, not sure about bewilder as breaking all ice would be too easy

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Take into consideration the following:

  1. On the battles where we can’t see the health bars, we can’t see the stats either. We can’t check their abilities, anything. It’s like battling blind.
    Hope you’re fixing this along with the health bars. And the wave counters.

  2. Duty that says “defeat 1 Alpha” worked for me dealing the last blow towards an Alpha that escaped.

  3. Exploration energy duty works about anywhere, not just on exploration and repeatable quests of the map.

  4. Chest rewards are not worth it compared to the amount of work that is required in order to fulfill these duties. You either return duties to the level of difficult pre-update, or you triple the rewards we used to have, and add 1 or 2 random 3-star scales of 1 or 2 colors. We don’t have enough runes, we don’t have enough energy, we don’t have enough eggs, 3-star scales are impossible to get.

  5. I don’t recall random scale quests from the weekend, and I am sure yesterday - Sunday - they were yellow.

  6. You’re constantly referencing to Shellfire, because you were asked to make it stronger - and here I have a worry you’re gonna make it too strong in the end -, but you aren’t mentioning Foreverwing. How about fixing the still too clever Foreverwing?!

  7. The trust dragon that’s exclusive to clans is not only close to impossible to get but also pathetic in abilities.

  8. You change the product for people that have invested in money. Bad form shall I say.

Any changes that don’t involve bug fixes should be implemented only to the subscribers that invest on the premium after the update. Make an algorithm that can differentiate the two.

  1. When are you going to add subordinates to clans?

  2. In the clan description, why can’t we have a separate interactive button where we could put the BP requirement and it would prevent anyone not fulfilling it enter? Other games have this feature.

  3. The rarity quest of today gave me fish and money, not eggs. Where are my eggies?!

They were the one chance per week to truly gain enough eggs in other to train dragons later. We can’t do much levelling up any other day, and now you’re taking it from us.

And why? Haven’t we gotten enough fish already?


@Featherwing about number 3: the yellow lightning bolt is called exploration energy so yeah its supposed to also count the quests.

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@Zhyan And why is it not “use 35 energy” then? I thought that by exploration they meant the quests on the map?

@Featherwing if it was just use 35 energy then alpha (and later on arena energy) would be included into the count.

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@Zhyan Perhaps… But would still like confirmation from devs.

So it turned out that the devs are not logical, the horrible things they added and they don’t give clear descriptions of certain dragon’s abilities, maeve’s buffalord, he attacks random foes, and his last ability is stealing beneficial effects from target foe, they are not bothering themselves with abilities it seems they are just throwing in new dragons, never thought they are that lazy.

Rant aside, I do like having another duty person, with clan related stuff. I should thank you as it got me more members.

And I also like the 3 new features regarding Alphas:
a) view recent Alpha history,
b) view the specifics of the members rank in battle with the Alpha, and
c) view which number hit the Alpha, when, and how much damage they dealt.

So, there. Not everything is negative. :stuck_out_tongue:


@itami It was 105% damage to random foes, something about decreased damage to allies and steal beneficial effects. Is only the steal part visible for you?

How about being able to invite someone with a number in their name?

@Talisax I’m afraid I don’t understand this feature.

Since clans were launched, you can’t invite someone with a number in their name. They can only get on via applying


So, name ID + # + code doesn’t work? Weird.

But then again, I have never tried it so far. I wouldn’t know.

@Featherwing,what I meant, is that he attacks many dragons, but he steals beneficial effects only from one foe despite attacking multiple foes, thats what i don’t understand