[News] Titan Uprising | Known Issues (July 25, 2019)

Hello Vikings,

New unwanted bugs appeared in update 1.6 and we know this will affect some of you. A hotfix is already in the works that will fix these known issues. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

Please read carefully to find out how this could affect your game.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Visual and graphic corruptions:

  • Alpha log titles and texts are displayed incorrectly

If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum. Thank you for your help!

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My game is frozen for 5-10 seconds at the beginning of every wave, and I can’t select enemy dragons for directing special attacks. (on iOs)


Correction: can’t select dragon for directing special attacks after 1st wave

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My game tells me to download new version and when I click on download it takes me to app store and there is no update available. Only open button, so I am stuck in a loop :frowning:

Yup. My breedery is MIAimage image

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Hi once again! Titans Uprising surprised me with this new update! However everyone knows every new update has it’s bugs…that’s what I’m going to comment now!
So when I entered battle my screen was y’know frozen,not letting me play for around 10 seconds then it let me play…Something I noticed was the target foes didnt have any health bars! I couldn’t even click on them.Yet they actually could deal me damage,so look down belowScreenshot_20190726-015610_Titan%20Uprising
Yeah I know the update is new and I know every update has its bugs but hey look at the bright side they fixed the textures which is awesome! Hope you can fix this bug too!


Battle Conquest is frozen, and will not change from 0.


Mines doing the same thing


First off… Why arent the health bars popping up? Light furys power isnt working. Damage done isnt showing up. Takes for ever to load. Creates extra levels within the level. Whats going on? I dont want to be paying 10 bucks a month for this.

I just want to know when is the hotfix for all this bugs…do we need to wait 1 or 2 days???

They probably will need another month to release new update with these bugs fixed…sounds bad I know…but not completely sure tho


Astrid’s challenge - both single colour and multicoloured ones - it’s holding me up getting chests as Hiccups challenge is the 3 duties and the other duties are quite difficult to complete at the moment (they appear to have made fish legs challenges longer as well if they weren’t already long enough!)


Yeah, fishleg duties are just ridiculous at the moment. The past 6 duties for me were 3 lvl up 15 dragons and 3 hatch 15 dragons, so currently im wondering if any of his other tasks even still exist.


I don’t see the runes count in my flight club. Payment for the membership was done successfully.
Also the flight club hard chest’s reward redused to 80 runs instead of 90 and gives no energy boost (it was 15 energy points before)


Rip bro…this patch is killing all those subs

From 3 flight chest per day, you gets 30 TP for the dragon to hardly comlete 1 now. How long do we need to get another dragon??? 3 month++++

come out now, wherever you are. just a word, that will reassure us this will be fixed shortly and we will get compensated for our loss. we will not pursue you any further.

since last update, this is getting worse. is it time? i usually considered stop playing at this kind of event.

we are all waiting your explanation. thanks

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In the first wave i did not see health bars but in the seconden wave i notised i did see them

So I’m getting all the same glitches everyone else is, such as missing health bars, duties not increasing, and waves staying at 1/X.

On top of that, my Flight Club reset to 0 and it’s showing that I’m not even subscribed! I wonder how long it’ll take for Support to fix my issue. $10 is $10 and I’m missing out on runes and the Flight Club chest.

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I noticed this as well. It seems the Flight Club bonuses were disabled.