[News] Titan Uprising | Known Issues (July 25, 2019)

Me, too. After reroll, Duties Battle Conquest still frozen, didn’t read my Battles.

Scales multicolired are only yellow in every quest:
Second quest yellow scales

Third quest yellow scales. Today is sunday, should be different colors:


It’s the weekend, I seriously doubt anything will change till Monday…

I get constantly hatch 15 eggs and level up 15 dragons. Were other duties removed or what? Just these two! If I want to fulfill these duties, I have to play just for eggs and forget all the quests! That’s not normal! I’m constantly out of eggs and energy. And my regular level is still impossible, I can’t get through wave 1 for more than a month now. It’s getting really frustrating. I think I’m quitting the flight club now


Enough to solve the game now … we want our game back :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: 15 eggs hatch can’t do anything else :frowning:


At least the Dev took the weekend off and didn’t have to deal with this mess…


Same I have this issue too! :frowning:

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