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[News] Titan Uprising | Known Issues (September 26, 2019)

Hello Vikings,

We hope everyone’s enjoying the Arena update so far! We know there’s more work to be done, so here’s a quick update on what our developers are working on. Kevin, our Lead Game Designer, is also shedding light on the decision of rebalancing the Dragons.

A minor update is scheduled for next week that will fix the following known issues:


  • Fixing the compatibility issue with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Fixing the issue where the Arena Practice mode was costing exploration energy
  • Fixing the issue where Alpha Battles are launched or displayed in other game modes
  • Fixing the visual glitch in Arena where the player’s name is shown as “New Name”
  • Fixing the visual glitch where quests would disappear in the Quests Menu
    • Temporary Solution: Navigate to a different menu and the quests will reappear

If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.


Kevin - Lead Game Designer

A big thanks to everyone who’s already jumped into the Thawfest Games Arena! The response so far has been great, and the team’s closely monitoring feedback, bugs, and balancing.

As part of the balancing, I wanted to take a moment to address all of the Dragon adjustments that happened with the update. As we were doing our internal testing, we identified quite a few areas that we believed would help ensure a better starting experience in the Arena. These areas can be summed up as:

  • Improve the Spirit Speed of many under-powered Dragons to provide more viable options to all players, especially new players.
    • Example: Driftcleaver (Red 3-Star Timberjack), generally considered a pretty poor 3-Star, now has a Very Fast Spirit Speed.
  • Remove the progression from some abilities so those Dragons have a more immediate impact. This supports the goal of increasing Dragon viability.
    • Example: Flank-Tanker (Green 3-Star Rumblehorn) has a solid early-game healing ability that now has a more immediate impact
  • Reign back abilities that provide a significant advantage, especially in the Arena.
    • Example: The Shifty Murklurker (Purple 5-Star Thunderdrum) had the ability to Lockdown an entire team for 5 turns. So we reduced that to 4 turns and reduced the Spirit Speed to Very Slow. She’s still very good (I have her on my team and it affects me too!), but she’s not as brutally demoralizing as she used to be when you faced her in the Arena.
  • Ensure that an infinite Spirit loop isn’t possible. To do this, we had to make some Dragons change from “Gain X% Spirit” to “Gain X% Spirit For Y Turns.”
    • Example: The Cryptic Collector (Green 5-Star Boneknapper) had this applied, and this seems to be one of the most controversial changes. While we still think +20% Spirit for 5 Turns is quite good, we’ll keep an eye on his overall usage and see if she needs a slight buff.

From a design philosophy standpoint, we try to avoid nerfs. We understand that many players have invested in their top Dragons, so we can’t take these changes lightly.

That said, we also have to make sure that the Arena is enjoyable for as many players as possible. Although all Dragons will never be perfectly balanced, we’ll continue to buff or nerf the outliers that obviously need tweaks. We won’t rush to make changes though—part of the fun of the Arena is seeing where the meta-game goes and how future abilities will create new dynamics.

Keep the feedback coming, and I’ll see you in the Arena!

P.S. Shout-out to @Yohomie for his mind-bending ascent to #1! We knew some players would make it past 5000 Trophies…but to do it so quickly is incredible. I can’t wait to see how Season 1 ends!


The two dragons you mentioned, the ones you nerfed were the ones I’ve spend significant time/effort and money on building up so I had a pretty strong team. Now that they have been nerfed and I don’t have many other 5 stars at all ready to go its a bit disheartening. I understand reducing strength on some dragons that are considered gamebreaking but I don’t believe Shifty or crypt were. Especially when those two dragons where were all my time,gems,fish and sheep went to.

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The reason why the change to Cryptic is the most controversial is because it wasn’t just a nerf or rebalance. You completely changed the basic make-up of this dragon. People spend a lot of time analyzing which dragons compliment each other the most. They also build teams around specific dragons. By making such a drastic change you left people scrambling right before a major update. I feel simply lessening the instant spirit gain would have been a good first step instead of completely changing her first go.


Dragons stacked on each other in upper left corner

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A big thank you to the devs on this update!! Arena is a lot of fun, I really like how you handled giving players information about the changes, and the bugs are much less onerous than last time. :slight_smile: Well done! And a special ty and shoutout to Kevin!


Significant lag

So how we are supposed to advance in arena if we are not able to beat people from the same level group because of the extreme buff on defense team? I am in a group with other people with 6k dragon teams. We got there by beating weaker teams, now we stuck against each other. We have the same team strength but the defending team gets extra buff which puts the balance out of wack. So I have full energy and sit idle because I cannot compete and the worst I am being attacked by other players from the same level and they loose and push me further out, so now I not it suggests me opponents that are 1k stronger plus have a buff. I also think it is counter productive for developers of the game: why would I need to buy protection for 8 hours if people of the same level group cannot defeat me because of the buff?


You’re matched on trophies not power level, so over time we should all settle in an appropriate range. Right now it is not balanced because the rankings are still new

Wins in arena and elsewhere counting as a loss

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I understand that we are matched on the amount of trophies we currently have. However, to achieve a certain amount of trophies you need to have a certain amount of power (because you loose trophies when you loose, so it keeps you in certain range). So people with same trophies range are within similar power range. However when you try to fight them they get buff so they are way stronger. So you are stuck. For example in screenshot below the suggested opposing team weight 6237 and I would have totally tried to fight them but look at dragons strength due to buff I have no chance of beating them. May be my arena is bugged? Because the rest of the players are able to enjoy it. I do nit see enjoyment if I have no chance competing with players from the same power group.


Also I saw somewhere a justification that the defense team is being buffed because you can hit them multiple times with tiles. But you do not start fight with tiles at hand, you need to get to a point when you can assemble them and by that time 2 or 3 of your dragons get wiped.



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Yeah, you need to wait out time for chest to be available. When chest is available you can open it and then afterwords collect the key from duty. It’s always been like this.

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Not that I can recall, it hasn’t. The timer always starts after I receive the chest. Not unless that was a glitch I was unaware of…

But this time you earned a new chest before the timer expired…

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That is what the rerolls are for.

Many dragons has ability to generate spirit speed, and it doesnt stack. You make they lost 1 skill for each dragon

Rerolls keep suggesting me teams around 6k plus minus 200… so even if I keep rerolling I have no chance :’(


Ooohhhh… that makes sense. I’ve never had that happen before so I didn’t know. Thanks!

I am on Android so pains of iOS i am not aware off.

However, game feels quite sluggish on android. I know there are bugs in quest section which you are looking into.

But over game , load time, speed , even at times claiming a fight club chest pauses for small time. It was quite smooth n quick earlier.