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[News] Titan Uprising | "Level Up Dragon" Duty Change (August 8, 2019)

Kevin - Lead Game Designer

Hey Vikings! I wanted to take some time to follow-up after last week’s design update. Many of you expressed gratitude for the transparency, so I’m going to continue with these updates whenever we have something to share.

Thanks for your patience as we implemented and tested the change to the dreaded “Level Up X Dragons” Duty. As mentioned last week, that Duty has been replaced by “Gain X Dragon Levels”—in other words, the game will count the number of Dragon Levels you gained, not the number of times you tapped the “Level Up” button. This should make the Duty easier to complete and encourages you to donate 10 Dragons at a time (the most efficient way to Level Up your Dragons).

We’ll continue to monitor the design of the Duties and see if any others are encouraging tedious gameplay. As many of you have rightfully pointed out, we already have the Chest timer to limit the number of Chests that can be open per day, so there’s little need to make any Duty overly difficult.



Great. I’m still getting that duty every other duty from Fishlegs. The other one it alternates with is Hatch 15. I can count on one hand the number of times since the update that I’ve gotten any Pet One, Train One, or Hatch Specific Colour duties from him. And that’s those types combined. So you may want to tweak those probabilities again, because I’m getting really sick of trying to complete anything from Fishlegs. I’m hearing the same thing from my Clan. 3-4 Hatch 15/Level 15s a day, alternating.

I’m very, very thankful I don’t have Flight Club, because then I’d be stuck trying to do them just to make the purchase worth it.


hi, @Marcus, please tell Kevin these for me:

if you want to ease up the duties then make it back to gain 10 or compromise on 12 level.

15 is ridiculous, even 10 is draining my resource moderately.

i know you guys wants to balance resources usage and earning. but consider this:

  1. basic bout and superior scuffle should be made back to eggs exclusive quest since in the 4 hours timed quest, there is no eggs quest. or better, insert a new egg exclusive quest in 4 hourly quest. i’m sure everyone would agree since there is no egg exclusive quest now. and playing repeatable quest or exploration sometimes tiring and bored me.
  2. hatchery should produce free eggs (scaled with hatchery level)
  3. i used to have red fishes and coins, but now with level up 15, hatch 15 every now and then, i barely had 50k fishes left as my dragons already high leveled and more fish hungry than most
  4. i had mentioned this countless times but here goes. daily login gift, i don’t know an online games that did not give this as part of gift and also at the same time made people to look into your games and play daily.



While we certainly appreciate that you made the level 15 “slightly” more efficient, it still doesn’t help that is shows up reliably every other duty. We literally can’t keep up with the eggs required to complete this. If you won’t budge on lowering the 15 back to 10 or even 12 then you really need to seriously reduce it’s frequency. It’s not the monotony of clicking the level up button 15 times, it’s the lack of eggs\fodder to feed with that is the issue.

And everything CR7 above said! Taking away the eggs from the rarity quests, increasing the hatch and level duties and then offering an egg pack to purchase with real money is A HUGE slap in the face and isn’t helping Ludia gain back it’s players’ trust. We’re tired of having to do so many egg quests. I feel like all I do is farm eggs anymore. Like Talisman said, being a flight club member, I need to complete those chests to make my subscription worth it, especially since you so greatly reduced rewards everywhere. I used to reliably complete my allotted 3 chests a day but now I struggle to complete 1-2.

You say you’re listening to us, so please give us this one thing.


Kevin, I have this new task as we speak and it is acting just like the old one. When I first got the task, I fed 10 dragons to level up a new, low level dragon I recently acquired and only got counted for 1 level. So I’m back to feeding one level at a time for this task.

Thanks for the update! The adjustment to how the leveling duty works is going to be a fantastic and welcome change!

I’m sure you’ll hear this many times over, but it really is worth noting that the level 15 quantity is still pretty onerous. Here is what my game play sequence has been like since the change:

  • Get the Level 15 duty
  • Use the dragons that I got from the prior Hatch 15 duty
  • Check progress and see that I’m only between 9-12 complete.
  • Groan inwardly and bang head on desk or nearest hard surface
  • Hatch a few more eggs to get me over the line
  • Fall just short and want to cry a little
  • Play the repeatable quest to get more eggs
  • Hatch more
  • Finally complete the duty
  • Get a Hatch 15 duty
  • Play repeatable quest until my energy is gone so I cant really do the other stuff.
  • Hatch my 15 dragons
  • Go to step 1

Before the change, the leveling and hatching duties were a little grindy, but the payoff was worth it and I still had capacity to play other modes. But for me, the change has made it a bit more of a drudgery. I’ll still play, because there’s still fun to be had, but it’s definitely less enjoyable and I find myself frustrated more than I used to.

Overall, this is a great game and I’m happy to support it’s continued development. I would be very grateful if you considered this feedback and made some additional tweaks.

For my fellow players, let’s be kind to the developers and provide thoughtful feedback. Game development is not a simple thing and often a thankless job requiring lots of hours and time away from family and life. The team at Ludia has done a lot of hard work and given us a fun game to play, and we can give them respect while still making our voices heard.


I’m essentially only echoing everything @SongbirdT said here, but yes, it has gotten very tedious.

Instead of being able to enjoy and spread my use of energy to play the entirety of the game, as in exploration as well as repeatable quests, trust point events, try outs, scale searches, etc, etc, I’m being very forcefully funneled into doing tasks solely beneficial for Fishlegs himself, or the others with their increased demands.

I no longer get to actually enjoy the game. It’s not a matter of looking forward to something or ‘what’s coming next’. It’s ‘what do I have to do’.

Those chests were rewards. A bit menial, but still rewards. You got them and it was an accomplishment. Now the balancing has made it out to be where they’re actually needed just to progress, and they’ve been put behind a wall of drudgery.

It’s not anything that can’t be fixed with tweaking. That’s all it is. Everything’s just a little out of balance. I still enjoy the game; if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here, still trying to put in my two cents. I’m really not trying to come off as rude or anything like it, but I know I can be pretty blunt.

Anyway, transparency is always, always appreciated. The pure silence we got the weekend of that update made a lot of people feel disrespected, considering how much support, time- and money- they’d put into this game. So seeing things like this is very much, well, appreciated.


Kevin say that on the dragon textures designer:
BRING US THE ORIGINAL TEXTURES!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry:

This right here. You’re agreeing with us, yet you dont go back to how it was… at least change he leveling back. Hatching is not too bad for high level players, bit 15 is very difficult for lower level/midlevel as they can’t hold 150 eggs until late 20s.


Chest Limiter - All OK fine

Level 15 vs Gain 15 - it is just disrespectful to players.

You + Developers feel it is easy to Gain 15 or lets say “manageable” to do Gain 15, how many times a day? Give an answer if you are a player yourself.

By telling the Community, “hey we solved it” is ridiculous. People are out of energy, fish, coins, wits, patience, and honestly sanity.

Please play one day as paid-premium member not even as a free member. See how many eggs can you earn, see how many can you really hatch and how many you can level up.

Gain 15, may sound .OK- but it is NOT - lets see…Take a 2* star dragon, feed it 10 from just hatched fresh batch of 1* dragon n get all leveled up. However -

  1. first to train a 2* dragon I need scales+coin - scales are getting rarer commodity when your main dragons need them to Train up
  2. if I even feed a 2* dragon with 10 1* dragons at max I can gain is what 7 levels?
  3. to level it once 7 times, and then to train another 2* dragon and level it up 7 times to almost complete my “Gain15” task i also need Fishes - LOTS of them

This 15 business ,whether hatching/leveling/gaining is ridiculous, stop “experimenting” things on us. Experiment it on a close loop of players/developers first.


Regardless of the number of leveling up that is required for the duty, I really appreciate that you switched the duty to actual gain levels and NOT how often I hit the level up.
That‘s way better for beginners to get an effective gamestyle with leveling and reduces pressure on higher level players to feed fodder instead of their main dragons / gets them the possibility to feed fodder fish-effective. That‘s a huge difference for me and I feel relieved to be able to keep an effective leveling gamestyle by not hanging on this duty for days!


You agree with us but don’t lower the requirements… What kind of logic is that.
If you don’t want to lower the requirements, just put the lock timer on chests up to 12 hours but make the duties easier. It’s really not hard to do that and it greatly balances the game out because within 12 hours players are able to get their duties done and grind out resources for the next chest.
Right now I no longer get to do anything in this game because I just don’t have the energy. Hatch 15 eggs (150 eggs in total), gain 15 dragon levels, pet, train, hatch another 15 eggs, gain another 15 levels… How am I supposed to compete with that. You don’t give me any runes ever so I’m stuck having to do 1 chest a day for 90 runes… I can’t speed up breeding anymore (breeding is a sick joke in this game), I can’t get my 5 star dragons because I can’t restart their trust events… How am I supposed to play this game when I am constantly out of energy, I hardly get any energy out of my chests that I complete once a day and I’m just constantly depleted of any resources and currency in the game… Not cool. I want to enjoy a game, not grind for the sake of grinding.



I feel your pain :frowning: same story here. “gain” to me is just camouflage something to look better. Training a 2* to feed it all hatched 15, just runs you out of energy, fishes, and scales.

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There is a mistake in your plan: Once you can collect a chest, you can‘t collect more duties. So setting the timer to 12h would limit you (with easier duties that everyone likes to have) to 15 duties, means 75 energy, and 9 energy for the chest every 12h.
I indeed agree that I‘m only able to collect one (with some luck two) chest(s) per day at the moment and wish for some duties to get easier (like collecting coins, fish and eggs), some are okay for me and I don‘t bother because I can play whatever quest I want to fulfill them (using 50 specials, win 7 battles, use ability 10 times).
So I would agree with you to make some duties easier to balance the game more, but a timer of 12h would frustrate every one - you‘d basically sit on your energy, forced to have a break if you can‘t collect your duties, because you don‘t want all the reward energy to get wasted.


Well to some degree what they wanted to achieve is people only opening like 1-2 chests a day maximum, cause even if you do complete 1 chest, you gotta get really lucky to get 2 chests a day with the current duty setup. I almost never have full energy anymore, and I am forced to constantly grind duties if I want to actually progress in this game, and not gonna lie, I am getting very turned off by that… I can’t do anything else. Hardly any quests give any eggs other than the repeatable quest and that’s 5 energy, the 10 minute timer on energy needs to be shortened to 5 minutes at least for people to actually do something in this game

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… and there we go! Everyone, including me, says it‘s hard to get eggs, they took out special quests that were eggs only and due to the duty we‘re required to get MORE eggs than before - and I see problems with duties, yes, but I see the main problems with eggs and scales.
Imagine you‘d get 15-20 eggs with a repeatable quest, that would prevent you from this extreme farming, or there would be an egg quest with the 4h-changing quests (this would not make „get 60 eggs“ better, but if that duty is changed back to 50, it‘s easier to get enough eggs for the hatching duty and you don‘t have to burn your energy there).
And scales would be so easy to rebalance - and I‘m speaking mainly of 1 star scales for color hatching, so one can complete the hatching duties for fodder that is needed by main dragons. Just put the amount of scales back to the chests that they contained before or even rise the number of 1 star scales in comparison to before. Dev‘s could also find another way than only the daily quests to farm scales while playing.
So I don‘t disagree with you, but I see the main problem on another corner.


Well it looks like they might have sorted the gain 15 levels duty - I forgot I had that one and just threw 10 dragons at one of mine, when I went and looked at Fishlegs duty it had recorded 13 levels. I easily got through the next two. So, unless I’ve gone mad - thank you devs, that is sooo much better!

I agree that it is time consuming to get 150 eggs - but you don’t actually need to hold them all at the same time. Get some start hatching, get some more. Sometimes having enough coins is the hard part if you’ve also got something that needs levelling up/ upgrading…

Yeah I used to get so many scales which was very useful because I have a lot of dragons I need to level up but I can’t get enough scales to even play this game anymore. Not cool…


@Teslabae I been crying over scales for long.

to do gain 15, to “train” a 2* and feed it with 15-20 of 1* - I cannot afford it at all.

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