[News] Titan Uprising | Upcoming Event Changes (Mar 3, 2020)

Hello Vikings,

We want to inform everyone about some upcoming changes coming to the game. Please share the information with your Alliance members and friends!


Upcoming events will work as follows:

  • Seasonal Trust Events will last one week
  • Two Seasonal Trust Events will be running simultaneously
    • Event A only allows you to fight with 3-Star Dragons or lower
    • Event B only allows you to fight with 4-Star Dragons or higher
  • Both events reward the same amount of Trust Points

Upcoming events will include the following side quests:

  • Bring Your Own Species Quests: One Species Battle for Seasonal Trust Events
    • New format for Seasonal Trust events that contains more nodes and rewards
  • Dragon Quests
    • Try Out Dragon Quest will take place for the first three days of Seasonal Trust Events
    • Bring Your Own Dragon Quest will take place for the last three days of Seasonal Trust Events

Thawfest Emporium

  • You can now purchase Seasonal Dragon Trust Points up to 15 times
  • Purchasing 10 Seasonal Trust Points will now cost 250 medals

Developer’s Comment: After reading multiple feedback and suggestions from the Community, we decided to shorten the length of the Seasonal Trust Events (from two weeks to one week) to make more room for the general Trust Events (e.g. Toothless, Light Fury, Stormfly, etc). We believe the new changes will give us more flexibility to put out more Trust events for our players.


For our :us: and :canada: players, after the Daylight Saving time changes happening on March 8th, please note the Thawfest Seasons and Alpha battles will start at 12PM (ET) and end at 11AM (ET).


As of Season 15 (April 9), the Thawfest Seasons will end on Tuesday and start on Thursday. Our team is working on improving certain areas in the Arena and shifting the start date was necessary. More info will be shared in our upcoming release notes, stay tuned!

Update: The Arena changes have been postponed. Season 15 will start on April 7 as usual and not on April 9 as mentioned above.

Dragons: Titan Uprising Team


Will we still get bns pts for the seasonal dragons
In the chests?

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super :slight_smile: I hope there will be smooth improvements because there are new problems with each innovation and I hope it will be much more enjoyable :slight_smile:

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Hope y’all have been keeping your 3* dragons… cause if you haven’t that’s about to suck up a lot more scales and inventory space you don’t have. And to run two events at the same times means fast energy loss so save up runes for that too. I’m trying to be optimistic but as of now I’m skeptical…


We need to know if chests will keep getting the same benefits.

If this thing of 3* bellow is for real you seriously need to upgrade inventory.


I always keep a team of 3*s for those basic bout quests. Do you just give up those because the reward is not appealing enough?

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I am starting to worry that we might not have enough energies to do those quests. Only one week for three copies of a dragon.


I do have a few 3*'s but now if they run events where you need to diversify 3, 4, and 5* dragons and have space for efficient leveling, then inventory is going to be very full very quickly


More roster place?


We’ve been waiting a whole week stuck in the game because of LACK OF SCALES!!!


@mongedecristo Finally, I desperately need green scales.

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Ludia, you’re trying to drive us crazy over here? I’m not sure how I can break the news to my people if myself is frustrated, and right now, I am frustrated.


I really wanted that dragon, but now it seems like I may not get it :grimacing:


No changes for the chests.


What about the energy cost of each of the trust events? They aren’t both gonna have 10 stages each costing 61 energy right? (or we at least get some other resources instead of fish the entire way through)


And what about the rewards, hmm? Less chests, less days, more energy, same meagre rewards.

I’m sorry but we play this game to take a little break from real life misery, not bring it to our fun too. Because then it’s no longer fun


The energies coming from the ballot box duties must definitely be restored. You said we won from Arena and you made energies 3. however, in this case, our energies will still be very inadequate. I think, Ludia … the game should be developed for us to enjoy, not forcing us.

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Give 10 TP from level 1, easy round and keep upping it though the whole event… then we’ll talk.

Right now I see no reason to play the event at all, let alone take the monthly subscription for a 3rd planned copy. What’s the use if I won’t be able to get 1?

Had you left stuff as they were or make it so we can still get the rewards in less days, there would be no problem at all. But now… I guess it’s a case of “what I’ve gotten I’ve gotten”, and won’t acquire a single dupe more. Let alone new special TP dragons.

So I gotta contend with a Dreadtooth I can only 3-star, a Thankslug that I’ll possibly only 4-star next year if I’m lucky enough, a 3-star Snoggletooth and a 4-star Valfury. This green T, dupes and others will be out of reach.

Thanks to the ludia renovation, trickery and deception tactics


Cool, seeing as how the seasonal dragons are the only reason I am in the flight club, this gives me $10 extra a month because I just unsubscribed. Thanks!