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[News] Tournament Fee (05/10)


I know I’m not Jorge but the Dev’s ask me to do a quick post!

A few people got the option to start the tournament early, this was not intended and is in the process of being fixed. For anyone, who paid to get in early contact support and they will refund you the entry fee.

UPDATE [mayth1th, 2019] Anyone who got into the arena early should be getting an in-game mail today (not sure what time).


Thanks for the feedback.

If it’s not an automatic refund, maybe you could make an in-game pop-up too. There are some users who aren’t in the forum and who would miss this important information.


Can u ask them of we can battle bots. It’s the only battling option that seems to work.

Thanks for letting us know So quick appreciate it :smile:

I don’t have a ton of info but I will pass that suggestion along.

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Well, this is a nice change… fast response… dont really care who its from. Whoever can get the info to us the fastest.


Here we go again. I’ll stay away from this tournament, is obvious more bugs are yet to come


Same here. Don’t even have 100 hc to participate anyways. Was a fun concept though if they could get it to work properly.

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Is it another open skilled tournament? They really need to stop with all the graphics and pictures and put words into the news feed like when the tournament will start how long the tournament will last and all that jazz. This will allow people who don’t read these forums regularly like myself know what to expect.

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it does tell you in game when the tourney will start with a timer and all. then after it starts it starts the end timer too.

True that. The tournament hasnt even officially started yet and it has already bugs…imagine the amount of bugs when it would indeed start :rofl::joy:


That’s why I can’t make myself participate. If they give us the fee I’ll take the coins for 0 medals.

That said, I’ll keep an eye on it and if there are no more glitches and cheats I’ll probably play in the 3rd one.


Why do you care about those things? Were you in the running for first place? Just play and have fun.

Yes i did see a countdown for a tournament but the news is unclear if this is the tournament they are speaking of. It might just be my alliance but i heard talk of a boost war between commons only.

I wouldn’t waste my boosts on commons so i want to make sure i don’t just enter any tournament.

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Its not unclear… they announced they were replacing the previous tournament with a rerun of last weeks… posted it here and on twitter.

So what’s the reward for the best cheaters this time? Or is cheating not being rewarded and encouraged this time?


30k cash again. Will most likely go to this one guy I see bragging about it all over Facebook. Lol.

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Did nobody read the intital post about the tournament? There is no ai this time


Pretty self explanatory

Opt-In AI will be disabled prior to the start of the Tournament and will be re-enabled after the Tournament is done

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I’m pretty sure you’re not so happy with that decision. Seeing how much you got for battling AI last tournament


I could honestly care less. Ill be battling hard in this tournament too. That 7k i got before was a drop in the bucket compared to the total cash I’ve spent in game this week lol