News tournaments

Well actually tournaments are only Split with
-the rarities
-default lvl + boosts /skill (lvl26 unboosted)

I find it kind of boring because now on we still see the sames tournaments since almost a year.

I think ludia should add fews New options in the tournaments.

-every creature of those “family” Can be use in the tournaments (ex: triceratopcides and Big théropodes so you will use T-Rex /tarbo/allogen2/tyrannolophosaure/tryko for example) and monostegatops/triceratops /stegoceratops/sinoceratops for example
-every creature which the name starting with the letter x ( for example A,D,G,T and S)
-every creature from a period (cambrian/trias/jurrassic/creaceous/cénozoic) you choose multiples
-for this tournaments,we dont take into account your boosts,every creatures are set to lvl 26(or défaut lvl)and you have X boost specially for the Time of the tournaments you Can spend on your creatures (ex:for the tournaments,your creatures have 10 boosts,feel free to do a 8atk/1def/1spd first creature ect)
Do you guys have others ideas??

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Could be fun. An all Cenozoic tournament, or all from a certain movie.
A tournament with al Ceratopsians would lead to a boring amount of stuns and dig ins, probably not the most fun :slight_smile: But there might be some classes where this could actually work.

Yes I’ve been wanting the “family” stuff for a while, I really hope this happens. Although maybe more than 1 family per tournament because 1 family doesn’t have many dinos, and diversity is fun. I think an all herbivore tourney would be cool because they typically see less use than carnivores.

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Exactly my thought:
A 2/4 family tournaments

Il pretty sure ludia Can bring us more interesting battles than the ones we already have

Rhino only? Suraopod only? How about Jurassic park theme