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[News] Warriors of Waterdeep - Joppa Compensation(October 16, 2020)

Hello Adventurers,

We have heard your concerns about the Joppa hero pack distributed to some players as part of the Quest Pass, the concerns about the content of that hero pack, and your calls for transparency. We apologize for the delay in our response and the frustration this has caused.

Our intention was to make Joppa available to players at Renown level 13 or higher by earning quest points, similar to how heroes were collected from the old Quest system, and not to create the impression that the Joppa hero pack was an exclusive prize.

Compounding this bad impression was the fact that the Joppa hero pack gave out an excessive amount of rewards completely out of balance with our economy.

To rectify these issues, we will be sending those players who had already purchased an Early Access bundle or earned Joppa from the recruitment event compensation: a Common, a Rare, and an Epic Joppa pack through in-game mail. Each pack will be in a separate message.

If we use the Quest Pass to distribute heroes in the future, we will make sure that an alternative pack is available for players who already have that hero in their roster, and that all packs are balanced correctly.

The Warriors of Waterdeep Team


The mails will be sent out around 10:30am (E.T.) October 16th, 2020 and will begin appearing in your in-game mailbox shortly after.


Keith delivers!! The hero we don’t deserve, but the one that is needed. Thanks!


There are truly no suitable words I can find to express how many players feel about this compensation. I will simply call it laughable.


I am glad I was not fooled into pre-purchasing Joppa.

At least they have had enough comments to know they need to release some new content before scamming players with yet another new hero. :wink:


Just no pleasing some people.


You can’t possibly think this is a fair compensation. I would call it an insult tbh for lack of stronger words


What Ludia thinks

What players perceive

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I Haven’t seen any compensation packs…

Appreciate that a token effort was made to in some way to compensate players. Those with a level 1 or 2 Joppa may have received enough cards to upgrade some equipment. Those with higher level Joppa who have worked hard on levels may well feel underwhelmed. Thanks @Keith for your efforts. You cop a heap from us players and do try to get some of our gripes across to @Ludia_Developers


Empty promises.


Certainly the compensation offered is nowhere near the value of the error made. But I didn’t realistically expect a fix of the same magnitude as the error.

I do appreciate the attempt to do something as opposed to sweeping the issue under the rug and hoping people forget about it and move on. Thank you for the follow up.