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[NEWS] Warriors of Waterdeep | Level 20 xp October 28, 2020

Hello Adventurers,

After verifying with the team, an error in the release notes was discovered. The following statement is incorrect:

“Under the original system, heroes already at level 20 continued to collect excess XP from gear level-ups and gameplay, but could not convert that XP into a new level.”

Once a Hero had reached level 20 prior to Update 16, the game stopped recording additional XP from gear level-ups and gameplay because the hero was at the level cap. As of Update 16, level 20 heroes can once again gain XP and level up.

Some players never levelled up their heroes to level 20, but continued to accumulate XP. This XP is available to be applied to level-ups with Update 16. The gold level-up costs must still be paid.

As compensation for those who levelled their Hero(s) to level 20 prior to Update 16, we will be sending XP equal to one level for each level 20 Hero. Affected players will receive multiple emails.

We sincerely apologize and wish to thank you for your understanding.

The Warriors of Waterdeep Team

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So anyone with heroes at lvl 20 (we had someone who just got a hero to lvl 20 three or four days ago and got the reward) is going to get 2 or 3 months of exp? (Exp gain is a crawl at this lvl so this is problematic)

Not lamenting those that received the rewards, just seeing this creating a big divide at the top end of PVP as anyone with lvl 20 heroes will instantly have all lvl 21 heroes, while folks with heroes at lvl 18/19 are now a lvl and a half more begins than they were yesterday.

The gear advantages already present for these players, as well as the gear upgrades awarded with this update, compounded with this exp boost is going to make the top 30-50 players players in PVP basically thier own echelon that will be impossible for other players to break into, unless the ways to gain EXP are significantly boosted in the very near future.

My personal situation is that I held off on getting my top heroes to 20 because I wanted to take advantage of getting exp from gear before the cap, and I wanted to bring up my lower heroes to balance my whole team out. It’s taken me 3 months with moderate spending to get my team all to near lvl 18 across the board, and now I feel like I am disadvantaged for doing this when I could have had 4 heroes at lvl 20 for the exp instead.

While they will have the XP, they still need to spend the resources to level the character. This compensation is to offset the Xp they lost because leveling gear and playing the game not being recorded. While those players who remained at level 19 and below continued to gain XP beyond what would be needed to reach level 20.

400,000 exp is 21 lvl15 silver hands worth of exp, it seems excessive. These folks also had exp stores up from challenges etc and already gained lvls from this, and I would be confident in saying most people by the time they reach 20, already had most of their items except for legendaries and silver hands maxed.

I think a graded award, based on a percentage of exp over the cap would have been more appropriate than a blanket 400k exp bump. That’s just a serious amount of EXP for this game and I think this sentiment is not going to be unpopular

Sry Keith, but that’s utter bs. I could have leveled my main characters to Lvl20 ages ago, but chose not to. Instead focusing my limited resources to level up the characters that were introduced later in the game. So now you guys have gone and awarded people that have barely broken lvl20 barrier experience worth 1000+ times of running Light Finger Estate and you say it’s not unfair advantage?

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Ok I see a bit of misunderstanding in my part. Some folks saved up exp but never leveled thier heroes to 20, and that’s why some folks can now get to lvl 23/24 off their heroes.

I still think that the rewards Should have been approached differently that a blanket awards, as the amount of folks that were already at 20 varies by months, and as such it still will cause an Imbalance because of gear difference compounding with lvl difference now

I think what JP1 said is accurate. Most folks stopped stopped leveling at 19 but also stopped accumulating exp on their top heroes and raised their bottom end of the roster

Hero level is just an exercise in ego. It has no negligible impact on game play as the minute stat gains achieved per hero level are meaningless. Perhaps this could have been handled more adroitly, but it really makes no difference if a hero is level 20 or level 21. For instance, the player I know best has a few heroes with enough experience to be level 22 or 23, but he has wisely chosen to spend available resources leveling items rather than heroes themselves, so the heroes are still at level 16 and 17 and they will not be improved further.

Edit: Attached is an image of a level 17 Shev, illustrating the limited stat increases available for increasing to the next level.

The solution provided by Ludia to resolve the experience issue may not be ideal, but it seems to me a reasonable compromise under the current circumstances.


I think this really comes down to how little exp there is to be gained in the game, so such a large reward is frustrating because it would take MONTHS to gain that much EXP by another means except exploits.

The frustration is not so much in players getting rewards, more power to those folks who got it or who saved exp at lvl19 wisely, but it’s just SO MUCH EXP and is drastically bigger then any adjustment award you’ve given for anything else in the game

I think hero level is more significant than may be conventionally thought. I believe it is more that just about raw stats and level discrepancies effect miss and resist rates, as well as some effects on attack power vs AC calculations, etc.

I held heroes at lvl 17 and was losing to both lvl 20 bots and real players to where i capped at a certain point in PvP and avoided bots all together. Raising my lvl in bulk on 4 characters from my PVP squad saw an instant increase in my ability to beat lvl 20 bots as well as in my rank in Battle.

I don’t think it is as insignificant as it is made out to be, and with the level increases, I suspect this difference will have more impact

Having all characters at level 20 prior to the 16 update patch, I found this an average compensation. I had Pikel to level 20. I would have earned enough exp to get my mage to level 30 from grinding but instead I get one level of experience. I have a guild mate who has a level 29 cleric from leveling gear. It cost 10 million gold. Exp isn’t the bottleneck but gold is. Gear is and always has been more important than levels. It is now even more important.


Of course gold and gear are top priorities, but I doubt anyone would say no to an extra 400k exp for their characters. Bottom line is they screwed up the update and used a same for all quick fix that probably is fair to a fraction of affected players.


How would you feel, having your party maxed for 6 months, and then getting nothing when expecting your heroes should have enough stored xp for levelling up a few times. The work was put in. I find Ludia’s response to be correct and I’m impressed with the swiftness of that response. Despite the compensation, I’m sure there are a number of players who are out xp.


Now I just need to earn a quarter million coins…

Thank you @Keith, thanks Ludia

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I’m not at this tier yet, but I find Ludia’s response adequate as well - especially with the quickness of it. You certainly don’t want to disenfranchise your top 30-40 players in the community.

With regard to the others complaining about how a few individuals happened to get “lucky” having just gotten a hero to level 20 a few days ago, and now they’re gifted a free 400K xp…ask yourselves what would you have done as a developer in this situation? It’s unfortunate that Ludia did not capture xp beyond the level 20 cap, but there is nothing to be done about that barring some sort of compensation.

You can’t simply ask every individual what they “think” they had earned, so you do the best you can as the developer in finding a balance. They didn’t have to give anything at all, yet they did. I’m sure for some of the TOP top players, as mentioned that 400K isn’t even a drop in the bucket for what they had actually accumulated, some could have perhaps even been close to level 30’s already. A few of those top individuals have spoken out and said they’re satisfied with this - because again a level is pretty meaningless (it’s mainly for ego as mentioned) - mechanically it’s no different than a single gear upgrade. So a few folks got “lucky”, and yet they still have to pay the huge amount of resources required, and need to continue to grind gear.

IMO the Joppa situation was worse than this, because a Joppa instantly from level 1 to 15, with 140K and 50K items is far more impactful than just experience from level 20 to 21. Ludia did find a way to get through that one as well, and while not everyone was happy - it was another balancing act.


Lol, you dont think they have access to player data before the update anymore? So if it went totally wrong, they couldnt roll it back? As they most certainly do, and quoting your words, this affected a handful of players, how much work would it take a dev to go through that data and make correct compensations for the affected? Like I said, it was a quick and dirty fix instead of a proper one.

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The issue isn’t that the update didn’t properly use the pre-update player data, the issue is the game never recorded any additional xp once a character hit 20. There’s no data available to recover.


A bit odd this wasn’t addressed in any of the previous versions/updates, but fair enough :+1:

@JP1 Don’t be suprised when it’s about Ludia, my friend :slight_smile:


Allow me to explain my grumbles a bit more adequately.

In most games when you reach max level, you play that game at that tier as the competition grows from people reaching that level it becomes more about skill than about gear/lvl/rng. I played world of Warcraft from vanilla and spent months/years at level caps not gaining any experience.

This is considered a normal part of the experience in a progress based game with a lvl Cap. Playing while not receiving exp is the norm. When an expansion comes out, everyone competes again to reach the new lvl cap and become competitive at that new Max level lvl. I’ve never seen an adjustment for experience after a lvl cap raise in any game I’ve played.

I was personally looking forward to reaching lvl 20 and was getting to the point where I had over half my non legendary gear maxed or the rest mostly 1 level below, so by the time I reached 20, I could take a shot at the big boys on a more level playing field. People like me would have eventually entered to top level fray and made it more competitive, if they stuck around that long, because as we all know, it’s a slog after lvl 15 or so.

Now that the lvl cap has been raised, as well as the gear cap, that’s a long way off again, but it’s not the first time I’ve had to grind my way up and that’s again a part of the game.

Most people at my lvl are at about the same gear lvl as I am, as gear progression and lvl progression are pretty intertwined, and most folks with lvl 20 heroes already had mostly maxed gear, barring legendaries and silver hands.

Thus, the longer A player sat at lvl 20 he was most probably gather excess gear in all the slots, as well as higher gold reserves from selling some excess gear. this was my plan to gather gold without spending IRL, capping my gear before max leveling, so I wouldn’t lose this experience and be able to seek the excess gear to build up gold reserves.

Now that the gear cap has been raised along with the level cap, the players who gathered excess gear can now convert it into exp that was not accessible before, as referenced to some folks getting almost to 30 from excess gear alone. This reflects that longevity at lvl 20 was already proportionally rewarded according to gear reserves.

Now some folks were smart in anticipation and waited to not level past 19, but that is a gameplay choice, and these people reaped the benefits of that choice. Indeed as some people stay at lvl 10 and only advance gear, this is a gameplay choice.

What I see happening with this additional exp reward is those of us that were a couple months of gameplay away from reaching lvl cap and wanting to continue to play to reach that point in the first place, are now an additional 2 or 3 months on top of that away.

The gear lvl increase compounds this as now the cumulative effect of the gear increases along with the lvl increases is going to cause a stark divide between those who were at the top tier (about 50 or 60 active players) and those that were getting close to getting there and looking forward to breaking into that echelon.

So this is why the 400k exp bonus, that serves relatively few players who were already at the top of the game and factors mainly into battles between those folks, serves to expand this divide between the top tier and the rest of the players in the game, and is seen as excessive to the rest of the players who were trying to break into the top and were almost there. While it is a reward for a few, it comes across as a punishment to others.

I am not lamenting the players for receiving the awards, but rather that it’s a hamfisted way to deal with the underlying issue, which is gaining EXP in the game. 400k exp is just so much EXP, like giving 20 new lvl 15 Silverhands, that is putting a hard earned goal much farther away for everyone not in the top tier who benefited from this reward.

I fear after the sugar rush of new content wears off, this will see more players leaving the game out of frustration, because advancing in PVP will become even harder than it was before, and this will be a worse gaming experience for us all