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[News] Warriors of Waterdeep - Mirt’s Daily Gift Issue (August 17, 2020)

Hello Adventurers,

We are synchronizing Mirt’s Daily Gift so that the regular 28-day gift cycle starts and resets at the same time as the Quest Pass and PVP season.

To do this, we set up the current gift cycle so a new player can join in the middle - skipping the earlier gifts they’ve missed, but still having enough time left to collect all the remaining gifts - including the Legendary Pack! Unfortunately, a bug has left some players at the beginning of the cycle instead of the correct spot in the middle, so they can’t collect the rest of the gifts as planned.

Our developers are working on resolving the issue quickly and will push a server fix to adjust everyone’s position in the daily gift list so they can collect the Legendary Pack… but only if you check-in daily and collect the remaining gifts, of course!

As compensation for the confusion, we will be sending all players a Silver Explorer Pack in the coming days. Keep an eye out for the gift in your mailbox!

Thank you for your support and patience,

The Warriors of Waterdeep Team


Thank you for clarifying the problem and what you are going to do to repair it. Thank you!


Any news on when you will get the Battle timer fixed. I have lost too many battles where I wasn’t able to even attack my opponent once.

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Hi Toby_Harris,
I am sorry you are having trouble, have you contacted about the issue?

Welcome back, @Keith!

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Thank you, much appreciated!


Yes and they said they new of the problem and we’re working on it.

So, my Daily Gift Timer ends in a little over 5 days. Is there a time frame for this server fix so we can all collect our legendary packs?