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[News] Warriors of Waterdeep | Quest & League Extension + Changes | Sept 25, 2020

Hello Fellow Adventurers,

Some of you may have already noticed that the countdown time for the Season League and Quests Pass has been extended. We are very aware that players have been looking forward to the switch over.

The reason for the extension is with the beginning of this new season we have made a couple of changes based on your feedback.

The Warrior List will no longer be a separate purchase. Instead, the Warrior List prizes will now be included for free with your VIP purchase at no extra cost. As with other VIP perks, if your subscription expires you will no longer have access to the Warrior List prizes. Also purchasing a VIP pass mid-season will automatically unlock any Warrior Pass rewards that would be earned with your current placement in the Quest Pass.

For the changes to take effect, we will need to put the game into maintenance sometime next week. A more precise time will be given before then.

As a thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding we will be sending everyone 5000 coins and an elegant chest.

Happy Adventuring,
The Warriors of Waterdeep team


Dear Ludia, In reference to the Warrior Pass, that is awesome news! As a V.I.P. member (and will continue to be), I am very grateful. I think the Warrior Pass is a great addition to the game and the Daily Quests, plus it adds an excitement (in addition to fantastic rewards!) that have set the new standard for R.P.G.'s everywhere. Ludia has surpassed them all, and I really look forward to additional Dungeon and Dragon type games that only Ludia can provide (Hint-Hint!) Thank you for providing the very best in gaming!


This is fantastic, thank you. VIP is a really great value now.


Interesting… an elegant chest you say? I recieved a regular, and all 100 common cards that come with it.


Well you just cost yourself my . The Warriors Pass was worth the . I am not giving you $10 a month. Way to be greedy. I also did not get an elegant chest. I received a common chest.


Bad move. Way to be greedy.


Not happy about season extension (have been waiting 2 weeks with no useful quest rewards!)… But also disappointed that even the compensation for it has failed = no elegant chest here either.


@Keith looks like daily gifts have not been extended - is that intentional?

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Hello @James_Gordon1 and @Aaron_Greening

This is what an elegant chest looks like. Is this the chest you received?

Note you should have received two mails, one with the gold and one with the chest.

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I am sorry to hear this news, I was willing to pay 5$ a month for the warrior pass. 10 monthly is too steep. Why not continue allowing everyone the 5 option and still give the vip for free. Or do you think you can squeeze more people into the vip option. Thank you for the game but you have lost my $5 a month


Ah, that’s sad. The VIP subscription is twice the price and as a long time gamer, who remembers feature titles for PC’s at $12 a copy, asking for $10/month for a mobile game seems a lot. Not to mention $60 in-game bonus packs?!? During a pandemic where there are literally millions of unemployed people? I am happy to support the developer team at $5/month for a mobile game. Beyond that seems too much. I second the request to go ahead and include it in the VIP subscription for free, but please leave it as a $5 option for those of us not willing to go that high.


I bought the warrior pass. I won’t be buying the VP pass. I suspect I’m one of many. Not clever removing the option of just buying the pass.


Yes that is the one I recieved. My apologies, I thought the elegant was either the green or blue one.

5 more days of no arena reset, no warrior pass quests, no 24 daily rewards leading to a legendary and we get a chest with 100g 15 common and a couple rare. Gee I wonder why so many are upset over this. My guess for this change is that ludia thought they could get vip AND warrior pass from people for $15 a month and instead had a mass wave of people canceling vip and just doing the warrior pass
. They are probably doing this to recoup how many have canceled their vip. However myself and others I have talked to mostly canceled vip to the litany of other issues that are ongoing in the game.


Dear Ludia,

I am incredibly disappointed in this decision. I would like to add my voice to the many that are pointing out 10 dollars a month for a mobile game is too much. I also cannot justify spending that much.

10 dollars per month is how much I spend on streaming video services in a month; it is much more than the monthly cost of a prime membership; it could get me a game streaming account with access to multiple software titles. 6 dollars was my max.

I’m also far enough in the game that grinding without the Warrior Pass is just going to take too much time. I will watch and see what happens, but probably I will delete the game and spend my time elsewhere.

I have a feeling removing Warrior Pass, as opposed to making it free for VIP and continuing to have a separate charge option for more cost conscious gamers like myself, will probably result in a decline in revenue in the long run. It will also leave negative feelings and lead to negative word of mouth.

I hope you consider the economic situation of serious players like myself and modify your decision.





I had subscribed to the VIP and the Warrior Pass previously so this is good news to me. I know I am in a different financial situation than some but I think many have forgotten how much (or never had VIP) you can earn with the VIP.

I think to ease the transition and to earn goodwill that you should award everyone one month of VIP + Warrior Pass for free to see how much more they will receive with both.

For instance, when I did the last character event with VIP I received 144k gold and my VIP bonus was 433k gold!! I think if more could see what VIP offers they would see the value proposition. I’m afraid that many will leave the game not knowing what they missed out on- this would at least give them the opportunity to make an informed decision.

A fairly simple addition to the game would be a counter of how much your VIP+ has accrued. 100 gold here and 8 gems there really adds up but it isn’t showing the big picture. The more you play and the harder the event the more you are awarded with VIP (I’ll call the new version upcoming VIP+).

Another suggestion- award new players joining Warriors of the Waterdeep VIP+ for free to help get them started and to show just how much you will miss if you don’t subscribe to VIP+.

TLDR version–Give everyone-current and future players- an opportunity to see what VIP+ will accrue.

Also please add higher level quests/PvE content and more PvP award levels!!


That was the chest, but I never received gold. When I clicked on 2nd chest it just disappeared with no reward.

Thank You
Doug Gordon

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This is quite short-sighted. It should absolutely be part of VIP but also as a separate purchase. You just reduced your profit margin further than you think. Is there no one employed at Ludia that understands modeling revenue?

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