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[News] Warriors of Waterdeep | Server Issues (November 06 - 09, 2020)

Hello Adventurers,

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that we have identified and corrected the primary cause of the server errors this past weekend. The fix has been implemented and for the vast majority of users, we believe Warriors of Waterdeep should work correctly. We have identified a second minor issue that is also affecting our servers and are looking into resolving it as soon as possible.

To compensate players for losing out on playing over the weekend we will be sending out a gold store chest via in-game mail later today. In addition to the chest, we will be activating a Book of Bravery giving everyone free entry to events for 72 hours this upcoming weekend (November 13-15).

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
-The Warriors of Waterdeep Team


Thanks guys,it’s working for me so fsr. I recall the last time a fancy chest was referenced as compensation, we instead just received a basic chest. Can you please confirm you mean the gold chest which usually sells for 1500 gems?

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Thank you guys. It is working wonderfully now! I can’t wait to see the gold chest in my inbox :smiley:

Thank you! I look forward to feel confident and investing time and money into the enjoyment of this game in a few weeks after my short term memory has forgotten this torrid affair.


Game seems to be fixed now, and at least there is some compensation, just please don’t let a seemingly easy fix like this go unattended to over the weekend, it was a horrible experience, and personally I missed the chance to farm out on a an epic item in a harvestshield d20 roll because the game was 100% unplayable all of yesterday.

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Amazing, but you fixed nothing. I’m on a PVP match and again server error… Ah thanks for the chest, obviously an armor as legendary…

Thank you for fixing this

Thank you for the awesome chest! Now please work on recruitment tools. There are too many guilds for a new member to choose from and maybe ask non-guild members during other events? Just a thought!

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Would have been better and the right thing to do to get a guaranteed Legendary card, than a pack that might get you a legendary but like in most cases, it doesn’t. I would have easily finished the Warrior Draft this weekend and gotten a guaranteed Legendary… but now, I have some coin and a few Epics I don’t really need.


This weekend was probably the best weekend yet for Battle Mode. The game of “Will it crash?” was far more entertaining than Battle Mode.


Thank you, Ludia. Well done.

Got 5000 gold, 600ish common, 400ish rare and 20ish epic (no legendary of course). I farm the same amount in one hour on average.

I lost 2 days of no game and wasted 50% of a 3days 800gems gold book.
Most important I wasted hours of my spare time, trying to see if the game was ok again…

The “golden.pack” might be “super” for lowbies but it’s close to garbage for endgamers.

My 2 cents


It’s broken again 235 error game will not let me enter was doing warrior draft and game is now hung

Guess with one fix comes another bug. As of 4:10 pm est November 9 I am unable to run this app. Even hard resetting (and double checking for updates in the store) has failed to remedy this situation! I’m hoping for improvements but it is venturing into wishful thinking territory. Screenshot_20201109-160903_Warriors|236x500

Broken again.

Yup broken

And I lost 1/3 of my book of gold - paid 800 gems for it.

Still have issues with dropping out due to connectivity, both on iphone and Ipad. Battle mode, explorer more as well as some challenge mode but only 1 in 3 in challenge mode

Well you fixed it. For about 4 hours. Broken again, 1 win away from finishing warrior draft. Which is nearly as annoying as being 1 win away from the legendary reward in last week’s event, which timed out before you fixed it…

Ya last 2 arena tries for me got the errors was working fine earlier