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[News] Warriors of Waterdeep | Server Issues (November 12, 2020)

Hello Adventurers,

We have made a small update to our servers that will help with the following.

First, it should fix the issue that has been causing the server disconnects recently.

Second, it will affect how Dominate works. Now Dominate will work as originally intended.

The dominated character now considers friends’ enemies and enemies friends. This will also apply to the character’s procs but only for things that are originating from the dominated character.

Other characters on the Dominated characters team and opponents team still see the dominated character as its original state and can be targeted as it was. Heals and buffs on friendly units will apply to a dominated teammate. Damaging spells and debuffs will target dominated characters who were originally fighting for the enemy’s team.

To take advantage of these changes we ask that you close and reopen your game.
-The Warriors of Waterdeep Team

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Thank you! I was tired of my wizard fire balling my dominated cleric.

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