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[News] Warriors of Waterdeep - Warrior Pass Issue (September 2020)

Hello Adventurers,

It was brought to our attention that the Warrior Pass 10k bonus gold was decreased to 1k for this season’s pass. This was not our intention, but rather an error that took place when setting up the parameter. Changing the parameter back to 10k while the pass is active will reset everyone’s progress, and remove everyone from the current Warrior Pass requiring them to re-purchase it. As such, we decided to reward all players with the Warrior Pass who earn the ruby chest (level 20) the full 10k gold at the end of the season.

The Warriors of Waterdeep Team


{Thank you. Most excellent. A dropped 0 in the parameter is a tricky situation}

I am pleased to see this decrease was inadvertent and will be rectified. Well done.

Had this not been rectified it likely would have compounded player’s ambivalence toward the existing ‘quest gap’ issue.