Newsletter: New Season

Looks like we’ll be getting two more new creatures this month. One as part of this season’s pass and another in next weekends tournament.


So diploceraspis appears and cervalces

And the new CoT


Here’s the new season pass. . .

New creature! I’m excited. :grin:
And a new Cenozoic . . . looks like a deer.


Cervalces is coming !!!

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Oh, that’s what it is. Knew it was the deer in JWA. :deer:


After the absence of new creatures we get two at once. Although the pass gives you only 1 copy

Huh, I thought Darwinopterus was the least popular choice of the three after seeing people’s choices on the forum here.

That happens a lot.

People here on the forums are just a small amount of the actual player base so these that aren’t on the forums probably voted Darwin

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Yeah I realize that, though I felt that they would’ve voted for Bananogmius because of the hybrid. Looks like it really is quite unpredictable.

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Anyone want to post the in game reward link?

When does new season start?

Most player hate all non Jurassic. So, I’m not surprised.

I have just one tournament to unlock and that Ceno cow has been hard to get. I missed it when I first started playing do to not being a high enough park level.

Oh well. One day.

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Now. Not load in game for me yet.

Edit, loaded since this post.

Edit edit, forums still read only? How long will this last?