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Next April Fools Strike Idea?

I know it’s a long while away, but it got me thinking:

“What if we had an April Fool’s event featuring a very op Apatosaurus?” Kind if like what they did with Lythronax


Precise Counter-Attack
60% Armor
10000 health
3000 dmg
80% Crit
200 Speed

Oh, and boosted of course. :slight_smile:

Priority: instant kill
Cooldown: 1


An OP Epic Rexy would be another option. Deadliest chomper with max boosts

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Think the game will actually make it until then?


Was just a thought i had. The way things are going now, this game’s on course to crash

They need to remove the boosts. What a bad idea

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75% armor
15000 health
4000 damage
Crit chance 60%
Maximal counter-attack

And speed 500

Looting Strike: removes all stat boosts from the dino it hits; they don’t come back when the battle ends.

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That move…

…why do i see this occurring?

Think of it: they can use looting strike to remove boosts permanently, and ludia can profit off boosts even more with it

Make a Fool’s Strike tower. When you enter it, your boosts will be lost.
Then you have to fight 3 boosted L30 dinos to get them back.