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Next April fools

Dear ludia,
Instead of lord lythornax for the next April fools event, consider something new like master mujungasaurus or master mujungasuchus


Wait, people looking ahead to April? At the rate the player population is diminishing I’d be surprised if they would even have events in April unless they somehow pull some miracle updates next.


Its going to be pretty hard to top April joke, when they added stat boosts to the game.


Making it funny yes, it will be hard to top it. Making it stupidly difficult as a prank not.really. Imagine Lord Lythrorax’s orignal stats then push them to 10/10/10 or set it to be able to break the limit at lvl 33 so 11/11/11.

It wun be funny just very ridiculously hard.

As you very well know they added stat boosts to the game on April 1, 2019. I fear that they might add crit and shield boosts to the game next April 1, 2020.

OP rat inc

1.7 was relelased a few weeks later. Lord Lythronax was the last fun strike event until boosts were introduced. And the last time I lost.


No, master goat! With stunning rampage! Let the goat have its revenge!


But don’t forget strike towers lose their meanings if boosts are around. They should be disabled when fighting in the tower.

What about me. Lord Monomimus?

Lord Dracoceratops! :laughing:


I love it @Ned!!! Make it so.

He could have baby DC’s fly out as priority strikes!!!

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Next April Fool’s Day, the introduction of Armor and Crit boosts. I can see this happening unfortunately.