Next B-DNA missions

Hi, some of you know exactly what the next B-DNA missions will be, is there a precise criterion or are they always random and therefore not predictable?

Random and not predictable.


It is random, but there is always a big chance that one of the missions will be to hatch some legendariesā€¦ which is important to have in mind if you fill up hatching chamber 2-4 with tournament creatures.


While random, there are several Missions that get cycled through on many/most sets of Missions


It would certainly be useful to know the cycles how often they repeat themselves

They do not repeat, or at least they do not since they fixed them. Up until a few months ago I had the same set of missions for months but that was not working as intended. Now it is random. Like @Andy_wan_kenobi said some of them repeat or are similar but perhaps with a different class or amount needing to be done.


They predictably ask me to hatch legendaries if I am hatching super-rares, and super-rares if I am working on legendaries. And Aquatics if I have a hatchery full of Jurassic. :rofl:

And there never any incentive to hatch Cenos, which is a shame.