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Next Banwave is there - thank you Ludia!

Is it a visual glitch or are these players banned?
I think finally the next banwave has arrived!
The screenshots are seld explaining, the mark for top 500 players are missing at some players or is it a visual glitch :thinking:?


that is a lot of cheater,are you sure stormi?

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My client shows same thing. When I look at the alliance of the player the forum was unsubtly posting memes for yesterday.

I feel a bit embarrassed talking about the top of the Leaderboard. In no way am I relevant to it. But nice to see cheats getting correctly flagged.

I estimated in my head at least 20+ from the top 500, and based on that screenshot I was clearly underestimating… wow.

Thats not even the leaderboard. That is one alliance. We’ll for sure never figure out which alliance tho …


Thank you for your cooperation!


Stormi, I see this as well. If you look at the leaderboard and click on an alliance you clearly see people that should be listed on the top 10 but arent