Next Best Update

I hope good things for this update. They could return with the old stats bosts system: 2-4-8-16 … Buffs and necessary nerfs also, by the way, I put Spinotasuchus as the main deserving buff. I also think that the legendary dinos could be made with 150 DNA instead of 200. Well, that’s all I hope for the next update.


what was the old boosts system like

Bad. It didn’t work. Eventually, you’d reach a point where everything was the same at equal levels, but some boosts cost 1000 a pop


I personally am not sure about the 150 dna thing for legendaries, I mean, idk, just my opinion although I feel like there are multiple people who will get upset at me for saying this

Ludia has an unlock convention for their creatures. 50 for common. 100 for rare. 150 for epic. 200 for legendary. 250 for unique. and 300 for apex. changing legendary to 150 would throw everything off. I’d prefer they stuck to the already existing unlock method, unless they refund everyone all the coin and dna used to make each creature. and lets be real, they won’t do that.


I personally don’t see these changes as being positive. However all I’m hoping for is the following:

  1. More useful fierce legendary/unique hybrids
  2. Changing the short range spawn system
  3. Some IMPORTANT bug fixes
  4. Reducing Lag
  5. Changes to matchmaking

Interesting. I also think they could bring more reality to the game, because I don’t know about you, but when I see a Velociraptor beating a T-Rex I get really angry. I also think that trying to help immunities and resistances, as some dinos are almost immune to everything, there had to be a limit of 3 or 4 immunities, would make the game more balanced.

How are you still playing the game when it is based on a movie franchise. Have you not noticed that most if not half of the creatures are hybrids.

Yes, but that makes the game fun, unlike an Alloraptor beating a Spinotasuchus. ; -;

has to beat him, Alloraptor is part Cunning, but Spinothasuchus needs a buff