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Next Boost shuffle?

So I TOTALLY missed this boost shuffle. I had NO idea it was even taking place…

Where did you see it was coming?? When is the Next??

I would like to know so that I can let my team know. They all missed it as well

I don’t think they have any plans for another one yet.

Yea, I can see how easily it was missed. They only posted it on the forums, there were a few in game push notifications, splash screens when you log-in. Then another screen telling you it was ending.

It was so easily missed I hope they do a make up day or something soon.


There’s no confirmation there will be another one, but they did release a survey poll on it, which would indicate they are considering doing it again.

The announcement of the event was posted on the forums, but there were also ingame news notifications that you would have had to tap the ‘X’ to get to the game. I suspect many just blindly close them all without paying attention.

All you really need to do is just keep an eye on this forum for all important announcements.


Yeah I admit I probably closed it without realizing it.

Maybe JWA should post important messages within the team chat areas.

I filled out the survey.

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