Next boss? Uh oh

Not sure if you guys know, but Jurassic World the game just added Dracorex and it’s very big… Next April fools: Duke Dracorex…

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Dracorex as big as Pachy and not as small as Stgy…

Oh no
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Not sure this is the best way to see a size comparison, for example:

Both of these creatures are much larger than the new Dracorex, but appear the same size or smaller than it:

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Most animals in the games are larger than their real life counterparts.
Mainly because with some models/skeletons, they just re-skin the skeleton underneath.
That’s actually one reason we don’t have Brachiosaurus in the game right now. There’s no skeleton that perfectly fits it currently. (Unless they bring it’s skeleton from Jurassic World: Alive over)