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Next clash of titans (April)


Does anyone know what the next clash of titans event will showcase? I’m hoping mosasaur for the hybrid but I’m pretty sure people are voting for gillicus

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The weekly schedule was posted on FB, and the next Clash of Titans dinos is the Mosasaurus, which IMO is a disappointment.

I wish Edstus wasn’t the last CoT dinos, because now I would have only 2 surface tourney-dinos unlocked, with 0 reefs or caves. Tis a shame, because I’m all fine on surface dinos, and I deeply need stronger caves and reefs.


I wanted Mosasaurus because I consider that (along with Eyrops) as ones that got away. During those tournaments, real life, along with The Glitch, prevented me from finishing in Dominator. On the next tournament (Kentrosaurus), I finished safely in dominator and feel I likely could have on the previous two if circumstances had been more favorable. So, I am very pleased with this result

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I also don’t have the Mosasurus unlocked, but I feel like it’s a waste when A) we just had an Edestus get unlocked, B) I have no other reef or cave tourney dinos unlocked when I so badly need them, and C) I already have 2 lvl 30 Mosasauruses which is enough to get me the hybrid, if/when I want to pursue it.

If anything, I’m more disappointed about the last CoT being Edestus, when I wanted Bananogmius instead.

Here’s to hoping the May CoT is for a dino I don’t have, either unlocked or just gained from the lottery. .


I want the snake for the event


How about the snake?


I already have the Gigantophis and we just got it, so I don’t see it being in a CoT event for a long time. Titanoboa however, I don’t have, but since I have the Gigantophis I don’t really have a need for Titanoboa, except for completing my badges. But even then, I’m basically on the second to last Beacon and won’t complete it unless I get a bunch of tourney-hybrids, which is unlikely.

As far as my priority list goes, Titanoboa is pretty low, as I need the other aquatic tourney-dinos, and would like a land tourney-dino that can be used for a tourney-hybrid.


Oh… poor me i don’t have Gigantophis or Titanoboa yet :frowning:


I concur that it’s a bit of a bummer having two aquatic touney creatures back to back, but the Mosasaurus is one of the film faves, so I’m excited about it. Clash is so much better than the tournaments. With Clash, you know exactly what you have to do to unlock it (even if PvE is terrible); with the tournament, it’s such a crapshoot if you can make it or not. You expend loads of energy and time, as many did with the Gorgosuchus tourney, and you still come up short. With Clash, at least you know exactly what you need to do.


Clash of titans is also great for players who can’t compete in dominator league, it allows them to still unlock tournament creatures. And like you said you don’t have to compete or anything you just do the missions and get it over the period of time. Sucks it’s been 2 aquatic in a row but I’m just happy I’m getting the opportunity to unlock creatures I didn’t have the Dino power to get in tournaments. The snakes probably won’t be for a long while.


Titanaboa was my very first tournament. I got my clock cleaned. I have yet to obtain one (or a Pachyrhinosaurus for that matter).

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