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Next Clash of Titans (June-July)

Hi, does anyone know the next CoT unlock options? I wanted to make it in time for Megalosaurus, but I just got to level 56 today so I don’t think I can pull it off. So, if anyone has seen the next event options, could you tell me?

The options are:


Oh I hope for Kentrosaurus! Which is currently leading as of now?

I am sure Segnosaurus will be the one,Kentrosaurus has no hybrid,pachyrhinosaurus has a really good one,it could be there,cause this months cot was megalosaurus and megalo and pachy have a amazing hybrid,segnosaurus has a high chance,I hope that it is segnosaurus,cause I have postosuchus unlocked and Segnosuchus is the best herbivore in the game. I am level 55,and was 50 just 4 days back,so I will surely reach 60 in this month. So Segnosaurus is my choice.

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I hope it is Segnosaurus.

We won’t know until Ludia tells us

What do you hope It will be?

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Hey I m really close to your level
I started more or less in Feb and I’m lvl 55 but I have less resources than u

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I also just hit 56 today!! Looks like the three of us are in the same boat xD

Yeah but can’t reach for megalosaurous xD

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Sed for me :sweat::joy:

Same for me.

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I used to play in Jan and stopped in mid feb,and restarted just back in may,this is my new account,the old one was level 45 when I left. You are still level 55 cause you are relying on missions I believe,purchase loads of John Hammond Statues ,Apatosaurus fossils,both work well for XP,since I reached level 50,I have not touched the missions,but I am already level 55 in a few days,using Apatosaurus fossils and John Hammond Statues,the give loads of XP,also do a lot of expansions.

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Yeh I have put 19 park expansion on the go and the missions provide so little xp in lvl 54 that I have to consider your options of fossils and Hammond’s nevertheless we three r in the same boat xD
@anon43877113 @Jurassic_Fury

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They will work excellent,just purchase 5 fossils and collect them at once and that is when you will notice how major the XP,it may not be easily visible purchasing singular copies. If you go for missions,you will take forever to reach anywhere above,especially now that you have the trade harbor unlocked.

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Yes the trade harbor is like a boon for me but the custum trades are worthless giving 50 cash for a VIP Cenozoic creature @anon43877113

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Take a look at this @anon43877113

Yeesh, be sure to close that bogus trade carefully without an accidental click :joy:

Guys, what to do if I have only 3 million coins? I really don’t know if I’ll make it to level 60 for the next CoT… I really wanted Megalosaurus but I can only hope that it will come back one day.

The first thing I would recommend is to keep an eye on the trade harbour.
I made that much coin but trading 7,000,000 food for 21,000,000 coins.
Look out for these trades.
Secondly I would suggest u to not spend coins on unnecessary events.
And continue to evolve your dinos

Edit: I would also suggest having copies of each of common Dinos. They make loads of coins