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Next Clash of Titans


Make sure your voice is heard by completing the poll for the next Clash of Titans event
Link to the poll

I don’t need any of them but voted for the fish, I heard someone on the forums needed some reefs in their lineup.


I assume that it is no fish, but I voted for it too, although I don’t really need it.


I could also do with another reef, but voted Troodon. Because feathers.
Edit: Is there any way to know who’s winning? I’d be nice.

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Thats very kind of you!

I voted Trodon as it was one that makes a hybrid - I dont have any of them unlocked but the herbivore is not worth having

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I voted Umoonasaurus as Troodon was the first Clash of Titans I completed and I was in Dominator for Einiosaurus


I’m definitely crossing my fingers for Troodon! I’ve been wanting to get the chance to unlock that dino for SO long - plus it’s one half of the Yudon hybrid.

I’d also be okay with the Umoonasaurus, but I’m hoping it’s not the herbivore especially with the current Segnosaurus tournament going on right now


I don’t find the idea to let us vote for the next dino very appealing.
I suppose that there will always a majority that wants to unlock a dino that is necessary for a hybrid.
Most people would prefer a carnivore compared with a herbivore or dinos compared to aquatics.
Having that in mind I would prefer to leave the decision to Ludia.

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The previous couple of Clashes were voted upon and it ultimately didn’t matter to me as I needed all three of the creatures in each case, although I certainly had my preference. Now, I have 2/3 of the creatures unlocked, and so the vote definitely matters

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LOL, thanks! :smile: Frankly I’m happy with whatever they want to give us, since I assume we won’t see another aquatic tournament for a little while.


From what I can tell, other than the super-rare only tournament a couple of weeks ago, the most recent aquatic tournament was January 11-14 for Archelon. So, we’re looking at roughly a quarterly event.

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Same since I have both of the others

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Welcome to the forums @Eden

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i went with the herbivore, i have four of those dudes and having it unlocked will allow me to max it out.

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And the winner looks like:


Yes, Troodon! You may no longer exist, but you made my day.


Troodon was my very first Clash of the Titans unlock. Must have been ten months ago. On the one hand, I’m selfishly bummed I don’t get the chance to unlock a new dinosaur (which I’ll never get around to upgrading anyway). On the other hand, it takes the pressure off me having to unlock & complete Clash this time around, and I’m glad for others to get him.

I mean, legendary carnivores are such a rarity… smirk


Well, at the very least you’ll get the VIP points from the card pack as well as a decent amount of resources, all for relatively no cost.

I’m in the same boat, because I didn’t want nor need the Troodon.


I wanted Umoonasaurus… #feelsbadman

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Does anyone know what the poll results were? Was it close? I wanted the Umoonasaurus as I have already unlocked the Troodon… :sleepy:


Happy unlock day