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Next Clash of Titans


Yup, got mine unlocked today. Two rounds left to finish it! I recently created my first level 40 legendary for the last tournament which took my longest CD from under 4 hours to over 7 though, so will have to start getting used to not being able to knock these out before lunchtime!


Glancing at my main dinosaurs, the shortest cooldown being 16 hours

Oh, those were the days. How come these freemium games are so much more fun early in the game in so many respects? Oh, wait, they design them that way…

He doesn’t always play video games, but when he does, he plays JW:TG. Stay low-level, my friends.


LOL, yeah as I mentioned, my goal is going to be to keep those times as low as I can as long as I can, while slowly working my way up to where I can reasonably expect to at least finish in Dominator for tournaments. I expect that to take me another couple months at least.

Although I have to say, I did not enjoy this game at ALL in the very early days and very nearly gave up on it in frustration. I’m not opposed at all to putting a bit of money into a game I like to play, but this one seemed to want absurd amounts of money that there was no WAY I was going to pay. I’m just glad I stuck with it, as definitely once you get past those early levels where all the resources are so hard to come by and suffering through constant losses against the AI, it definitely becomes a lot of fun. I’m still early enough to just enjoy discovering what everything looks like when it gets to level 31+.


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